Activate First National Bank Texas Debit MasterCard At

Do you have any experience with this First National Bank Texas service? Are you unsure how to activate your new debit card online via Don’t worry about it anymore since we’ve created this guide that will guide you through creating the First National Bank Texas Card activated with ease. Check out the guide below and ensure you have all the essential requisites you require during the entire activation procedure. These include :

  • The last four digits of your SSN
  • The last four digits of the debit card’s final four numbers.
  • The Zip Code (where you live)
  • A device for executing the activation process on
  • A reliable internet connection, and that’s all it takes!

Let’s jump right into the activation procedure.

What is First National Bank Texas?

This First National Bank Texas Debit Card is an easy method to access and utilize the available funds within your bank account. The debit card can carry out various tasks since it is an efficient and simple method to plan recurring transactions, like paying bills or travel money requirements. The debit card provides its users a range of financial services like managing their checking account online and the capability to make purchases from any retailer that accepts MasterCard and cash withdrawals from hundreds of ATMs, and many more.


Card Activation of First National Bank Texas (

  1. First National Bank Texas customers are requested to pay a visit to the official site – if they want to activate their recently received First National Bank Texas Debit MasterCard.
  2. The card cannot be used until it has been authenticated and verified. This is an essential procedure to safeguard new cards from being the victim of fraud.
  3. To activate your new card, you must input all required information in the provided space. This will require you to fill in with your ZIP code the last four numbers of your card and the last four digits of your SSN.
  4. After the activation process is completed, you will use your new card and conduct financial transactions and pay.

One should follow the step-by-step guide (as outlined below).

Activate Your First National Bank Texas Debit Card

Before you start the activation, ensure that you have everything in your possession (as stated above) and then proceed by following the authorized guidelines.

To get everything started:

  • Use a browser for the internet on your phone or PC and go to page.
  • There is a title on the main page for activation: “Activate debit MasterCard along with a brief caption that reads: All fields must be filled in.
  • When you are ready to proceed, you’ll be required to enter the final 4 digits of the SSN or the TIN on the account number. After entering it into the provided space, proceed to the next step, which will require you to type in the final 4 digits on your Debit MasterCard.
  • Place the debit card’s final 4 numbers in the provided box.
  • Then, type in your zip code in the provided space and finish the activation.
  • After you have entered all of the information, you’ll need to fill in your details within the valid Through section. Enter the month and year of your card that you have received.
  • Then you can click “Submit,” and you’re done!

Another method for activating your credit card is to contact the bank’s representatives toll-free at 1 888-891-2435 and make the necessary arrangements to have your First National Bank Texas Card activated.

Fill Digital Banking Activation Form To Access Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is among the most convenient ways to log in to your online account. Additionally, mobile banking lets you keep track of all your banking and financial transactions through your mobile. To enable mobile banking at First National Bank Texas, you must fill out an online application by following these steps:

  • To begin the process, visit the Digital Banking page to activate.
  • This is the page where you can enter your Username into the provided space.
  • Then, you should provide additional information, including SSN and Birth Date in the format of mm/dd/yyyy number and an email address linked with you.
  • In the next box, click on the checkbox which indicates Text messages or email (select any among them) and then click on the Submit tab to finish the procedure.

For additional information or assistance regarding MasterCard activation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the support department of First National Bank at 800-677-9801.