Activate ING Card – ING Credit Card Activation | Debit Card

Activate ING Card: You should be aware that ING debit cards and credit cards holders will send you a card with a deactivated status to protect your accounts and cards. To activate your card for transactions and usage, you will need to activate it.


The ING card can be activated online at via ING Online Banking. Or you can use the ING Mobile Application to activate your ING card through your device.

You can activate your card using any of the available methods, but you must follow the instructions to activate the debit or credit card.


Activate ING Card Online Step By Step

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. Log in to the ING Commercial Card app
  4. Choose the option Authenticator from the menu at the top to create an encryption code.
  5. Log in to the portal, and then enter your security number.
  6.  Step 5: Enter the required information, verify, and then submit the request for activation.

Once you have done this, your online banking service will inform you that your debit or credit card has been activated successfully.

Quick steps to Activate Your ING card via email ING Mobile App

  1. To access your ING mobile banking profile menu, click here
  2. Choose ” Activate My Card“.
  3. Enter the last four characters of your credit card.
  4. Choose “Activate card“, and send your request to activate the card.

After you submit your request, the banking services will verify your details and notify you when your card has been activated.

Activate ING Card help, additional tips

-> ING Debit card and ATM cardholders can activate their card at ING ATMs by using a card PIN. Your card is ready for use when you insert it, use a pin, withdraw money, or check your balance.


-> For the security of your card or account, you must not share any card details, mobile banking details, or online banking details with anyone other than anonymous.

-> Keep your cards connected to your mobile number or online banking so you are always up to date on credit card activity.

Final Word

If you are still having trouble completing the ING card activation process through ING Online Banking, or if you cannot activate your ING credit card, please share ING Activate Cards issues below. You can also get online assistance from us