Maybank Credit Card Activation – Activate Maybank Credit Card

Activate Maybank Credit Card: Maybank lets customers perform secure transactions with debit cards. Maybank Credit Card, Debit Card The activation or activate the Maybank Debit Card permits the use of the limit on debt for their customers. They can make use of Debit according to their Debit account balance at Activate Maybank credit card for overseas use.


Maybank Credit Card Activation

Additionally, Maybank Card Activation offers debit services to its customers. Maybank Card facility offers their customers a variety of payment options that improve the standard of life for their customers. To Activate Maybank Debit Card or Maybank Card Activation, the customers get several advantages, such as it is not necessary to carry cash every day and anywhere.

It also highlights modern standards’ standing in society. To understand more about the Maybank Debit Card Activation process then the customers must read the instructions carefully and learn all of the details that could be required for the activation procedure.


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Ways to Activate Maybank Credit Card

There are a variety of methods to activate your Maybank credit card.

  • You can activate your Maybank credit card on the internet.
  • Maybank activates credit cards by telephone make a.
  • You can activate your Maybank credit card via SMS.

Activate Maybank Credit Card | Maybank Debit Card

  • Users must be a Maybank cardholder to enable the
  • The user must have 16-digit card numbers.
  • The user must have their personal information (for instance, birth dates).
  • Users must be aware of how to activate the card.

Activate Maybank Credit Card via SMS

If the cardholder wants to activate their card using an SMS, they are able to activate their card using SMS in two ways. You can activate your card or customer using a token 2FA or the customer who has 2FA SMS. But, the most crucial aspect is that the user needs to be a Maybank account cardholder for activation of the Maybank Credit Card. To activate, simply follow directions and then activate the credit card within a certain period.



You can now activate your card in two different ways to authenticate two-factor. For one, a user with a 2FA token, or an individual with a 2FA SMS.

#First Manner:

  1. To activate the credit card of your Maybank Credit Card in the first way, you need to send a text message to 79899 in the below format.
  2. CDTN <16 digit card number> for instance, CDTN 4966430133001234 10102014 12345678
  3. Then you will receive an alert for activation of your card.

#Second Manner:

  1. To activate the Maybank Credit Card in a second method, simply send an SMS to 79899 using the below format.
  2. CDAC <16 digit card number> For example, CDAC 4966430156781234 10102013
  3. Your card is now activated.

To Activate Your Maybank Credit Card by Phone contact

If cardholders want to activate their credit card online, they can activate their card by calling the customer care hotline. The most crucial factor is that they must be Maybank account holders. To activate the card, follow the instructions and then activate your card in the shortest time.


  1. Simply dial 1-800-MAYBANK, or (65) 65335229 (Overseas).
  2. After that, simply press *2.

How To Activate Maybank Credit Card?

Maybank Debit Card Activation allows the users to have a limit on their debit. Customers can select this Debit service during shopping and purchases to pay for their bills. Users can also use the Debit card for online purchases and will be able to find appealing offers such as Discount Cash Back, Bonuses, and more.

Follow these easy steps for activating Maybank Debit Card.

Activate Maybank Credit Card for Online Payment via Maybank2u

The program is referred to as Maybankcard Secure Online Shopping otherwise called MSOS. The registration process for MSOS is available on the website

  1. Login to
  2. Select Maybankard Secure Online Shopping Registration
  3. Select Utilities
  4. Enrollment is completed through entering these data: Card Number, MSOS Password and Verify MSOS password (PAM (Personal Assurance Message), Expiry Date, CVV number Hint Question Hint Response and View screenshots
  5. A successful registration notification message will show when registration is completed and successful.

Maybank Debit Card Activation Through An SMS

  1. To activate your Maybank Debit Card customers can choose to use an SMS.
  2. The cardholders must adhere to the guidelines to activate Maybank Debit Card.
  3. Enter ACTV (space) 9 Digits Activation Code and forward the code to 66628…
  4. It will send you a confirmation after successfully completing the Maybank Debit Card activation.

Activate Maybank Credit Card Through The IVR

To Activate Maybank Debit Card via the Interactive Voice Response option follow the steps below.

  1. First, Call 1300 88 688 (Outside Malaysia call 03-7949 0626).
  2. Select the language you prefer
  3. Press *1 for Card Activation & Set PIN
  4. To set a PIN, Log on to Maybank2u. Choose”Card Management” “Card Management” tab.
  5. Choose the card that you want to set a PIN, by clicking “Set PIN Now.

Final Words

Maybank Debit Card Activation or Maybank Card Activation allows rapid transaction while ensuring security. Additionally, it provides ease and flexibility, which improves people’s lifestyles. If they choose to use an alternative method Users will experience satisfaction in their payment. If you need more assistance regarding activation, you can get in touch with us via our website.