Autobell Car Wash Prices List 2023

Autobell Car Wash Prices List 2023

Autobell Car Wash Prices List: Professionally cleaning your car will bring many benefits. Alongside a more attractive appearance and appearance of your paint wash, your vehicle will keep important parts free from dust, dirt and other pollutants. Autobell recognizes this and has been providing top-quality car washes since.


At a Glance:

  • Autobell auto bell is an auto-wash service in North Carolina that offers interior and exterior car wash services to motorists from all over the United States. Autobell also offers auto-service vehicle washes as well as the capability to wash cars with the use of a touchless system.
  • At present, Autobell has unlimited and business plans that begin from $19.99 monthly for a complete exterior unlimited plan. It also offers an initial minimum of $100 for accounts to use for commercial. You can also take advantage of Autobell coupons and the Autobell Gift Card to give your account more flexibility.
  • The company is well-known for its efficient and pleasant staff and Customer service reps. It’s easy to schedule an auto wash, and they’re equipped with the most modern technology for their services.

What Is Autobell Car Wash?

Autobell Car Wash Inc. is among the biggest car wash companies in the United States. Autobell’s headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina; Autobell has more than 80 branches throughout the nation. Autobell has been in operation for more than five many years. In 1969, Autobell was established 1969 by Charles Howard and is still in the control of his family.


Autobell Car Wash Prices: How Much Does Autobell Car Wash Cost?

How Much Does Autobell Car Wash Cost?

A few of the least expensive auto washing services available, Autobell continues to operate with the highest standards in mind. The company provides both interior and exterior cleansing solutions. You can opt for extra services they provide, such as tire gloss, rainproofing, and an underbody clean.

Prices for All Autobell Services

The cost is a significant factor when deciding which car washing service best suits your requirements. Check out the prices and the services offered below.


Interior & Exterior Cleaning Washes Services & Prices

The services offered are great for those who want the best car wash experience and interior and exterior cleaning.

  • Full-Service Clean includes exterior clean-up as well as robotic wheel cleaning. Carpets and seats are vacuumed, cleaning the door panels, the dash and the console. The package also includes window cleaning for the interior as well as hand drying. ($17.99)
  • Full-Service wash (15-passenger vans and larger) – All the features are available on regular Full-Service Wash however is designed for bigger vehicles. ($21.99)
  • Superwash Get the same Full-Service Wash with additional polishing and sealing ($21.99)
  • Double Polyprocess Double Polyprocess – Get all the benefits of the Super Wash package by adding an underbody washing and Double Polyprocess. Additional protection, as well as the glossing agent. ($23.99)
  • Super Polyprocess The most effective that comes along with Super Wash with the inclusion of double poly processing, auto tire gloss along with the scent ($26.99)

Exterior Only Cleaning Washes & Prices

What is the outcome if you want to wash the exterior of your car? Autobell provides the services only for exteriors to those travelling.

  • Ride-thru Exterior – Quick touch-up with exterior cleaning and robotic wheel cleaning. It also provides a “drive-through vehicle wash” service and a “do your own car wash”. ($6)
  • Super Exterior Cleaner Clean and protect your exterior with polish sealer, sealer, as well as robotic wheel cleaning as well, as dry hands ($14.99)
  • Exterior Specific Get the best protection and coating, with features like Double Polyprocess, which increases the gloss of tires an underbody wash as well as every feature of super Exterior Wash. ($19.99)
  • Super Ride-Thru Super Ride-Thru is a revamped version of the Ride-thru software. The new features include the application of polish and sealer, as well as the washing of the underbody, Double Polyprocess, as well as the AUTOGLASS ($10)
  • Exterior Wash comprises basic services like the exterior clean and cleaning of robotic wheels. It provides the most affordable and fast cleaning experience. ($9.99)

Extra Services: Premium Mat Cleaning Services & Prices

Do you need something else to enhance your shiny car? There’s a high likelihood that Autobell has a range of features to offer the protection you require and enhance the look of your vehicle. These are the additional features offered by Autobell that can make your car more appealing to the eyes.

  • Superior Mat Cleaning Get your mats clean and made from vinyl or rubber, starting at just $3.
  • A Cleaner for the underbody to prevent dust from accumulating in the interior of your car, starting at just $3.
  • Tires gloss Autobell offers hand-applied tire gloss services that start at $4.75.
  • The scent that you prefer You can show your car’s interior a little gratitude by spritzing it with your choice of choice costing $2.50. The scent is sprayed on the seats to the front.
  • Rain repellent Guard your car against the rain that is acidic with the rain-repellent of Autobell. It’s applied by skilled Autobell employees beginning at just $6.
  • Armour All This product assures you of your car’s security and provides a stylish appearance costing $7.50.

Autobell Car Wash Price List For All Services

Autobell guarantees that customers pay only for the services they need. Customers can add or turn off services they want to avoid paying for to save time and money. Find out Autobell charges and bundles by looking at this chart.

Item: Price:

Autobell Car Wash Prices For All Services

Interior & Exterior Cleaning

Full-Service Car Wash $19.99
Full-Service Car Wash (15-passenger vans and larger) $21.99
Super Wash $24.99
Double Polyprocess℠ $23.99
Super Polyprocess℠ $29.99
Manager’s Special with Rain Repellent $29.99
Manager’s Special with Armor All® $29.99

Exterior Only Cleaning

Ride-Thru Exterior $7
Super Ride-Thru $10
Exterior Wash $9.99
Super Exterior Wash $14.99
Exterior Special $19.99

Extra Services

Premium Mat Cleaning (Front) $5
Premium Mat Cleaning (Front and Rear) $7
Premium Mat Cleaning (Cargo Mat) $3
Underbody Wash $3
Tire Gloss $4.75
Fragrance $2.5
Polish & Sealer $7
Rain Repellent (Front) $6
Rain Repellent (Front and Rear) $9
Rain Repellent (Front, Rear & Sides) $12.45
Armor All® Exterior $7.5
Armor All® Interior $10
Armor All® Complete $14.75

Autobell Car Wash Package Options & Prices

The services provided by the firm are offered through packages that include the same prices as those mentioned previously. If you are a regular user of the services offered, consider signing up for the unlimited plan from Autobell.

Autobell Car Wash Unlimited Plan Members & Prices

Autobell Car Wash Unlimited Plan Members & Prices

Unlimited Plans are designed for customers who are not businesses and require a clean and tidy car at all times. If you need frequent car washes, you can save money by signing up for a plan that allows unlimited washes. Be aware of this: Unlimited plans are available only for one car. You can select unlimited plans at prices of $12. $19.99, $31.99, and $69.99. Choose an affordable plan by looking at the list below.

Ride-thru Unlimited Plan & Price

The option of a ride-through is part of other services included in the Exterior Unlimited Plan. It includes automatic wheel cleaning, and there is no need to leave your car for the auto wash. The service provides automated car wash services, but manual washing is also available. This package costs 12 dollars per month.

Exterior Unlimited Plan & Price

The Exterior Unlimited Plan includes services like ride-through cleaning and additional services like hand dry washing and automatic payments after the two-time visit. This plan automatically renews each month until you choose you do not want to. This plan is priced at $19.99.

Full-Service Unlimited Plan & Price

The unlimited full-service plan includes all the features in the Exterior unlimited plan but with additional options. Window cleaning within the interior and outwards, as well as the doors and consoles, are also maintained. You can also have your seats and carpets cleaned to make your life easier. This service is offered at $31.99 monthly.

Super Unlimited Plan & Price

The plan includes all the benefits of the external full-service with unlimited and full-service plans. It includes double poly procedures, an AUTOGLASS tire shine, and your preferred scent at $69.99 monthly.

Autobell Business Accounts Price

What happens when you own an organization that is dependent upon two cars? A $20 price for a car wash can be expensive for those who have more than ten vehicles that need to be cleaned. Autobell’s business account, it’s the most cost-effective and fastest option to keep your vehicle sparkling and attractive. All plans begin at only $100 per month and can be accessed through a credit application.

Choice 1: Save Money by using bulk wash options

The bulk wash option provides wash tickets that to use anytime. It is the best option for those who own multiple vehicles that require regular washing or based on a case-by-case.

Option #2: Customization

This option is intended for owners who wish to pick their preferences and accurately track the services and products utilized. Owners who are approved are billed only monthly, once.

Autobell Car Wash Price List For Unlimited Plan & Business Accounts

Unlimited and business accounts have advantages and disadvantages. Both accounts are paid for using a single monthly expense. However, the business plan accounts allow you to wash several vehicles.