How To Activate Bank Of America Credit Card {Bank of America Credit Card}

How To Activate Bank Of America Credit Card {Bank of America Credit Card}

Bank of America Credit Card: Have you been granted a new credit card with Bank of America? If yes, you’ll enjoy many decades of services from one of the largest banks.

However, you’ll have to activate the card before utilizing it. Below is a comprehensive instruction on activation of your Bank of America card.

Bank of America offers its customers an assortment of debit and credit cards.

The cards include rewards, cashback cards, and credit lines specifically designed for small business owners. Bank Of America Credit Card Activation –

Bank Of America Credit Card Activation lets their customers utilize a variety of methods that are suitable best to their needs.

Assistance is available in possible ways to activate a Bank Of America Credit Card. Let’s examine the public ways.

Bank Of America Credit Card Activation Through The Online

It requires an Internet connection to start using an online mode. Customers must go to the official website and provide their personal information. Then, follow the simple steps to activate your Bank Of America Credit Card.

  1. First, the primary credit cardholders need to visit its official site at to start it.
  2. You must sign in to create your existing account or open a new one.
  3. Then, share the card details, Personal identification, ID, and Password with care.
  4. Users must follow the simple instructions, and their credit card will be activated shortly.

Bank Of America Credit Card Activation Through The Phone

Users can Activate the Bank Of America Credit Card on the phone. Users must make a call to the number that is assigned to them. Follow the simple steps listed below.

  1. The new cardholder must dial the Bank of America card activation number to (800) 276-9939.
  2. You can then give your card number, other details, and personal identification.
  3. Then, follow the easy instructions, and your account will be available to access within a few minutes.

Activation through the Bank of America mobile app

If you’re using an app called the Bank of America app installed on your smartphone, You can activate your credit card through this app.

If you’re logged in to the app, you’ll see an option to activate or add the credit card. Choose this option and then fill in all the necessary information to Activate your credit card.

If you aren’t connected to the Internet, you may activate your Bank of America credit card via phone.

Bank Of America Credit Card Activation Through The ATM

  1. Go to any nearby Bank of America ATM to initiate the activation process.
  2. Make sure you swipe your card, then activate the card using your ID Number (PIN).
  3. Follow the prompts that will appear to complete Bank Of America Credit Card Activation.

Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card

If you’re an avid traveller, you’ll love using the Premium Rewards credit card issued by Bank of America. The card gives reward points for using this card but doesn’t offer cashback.

Every transaction you make on the road earns you two reward points per dollar. You earn two points for every dollar spent on a purchase at the grocery store and 1.5 points for each dollar you spend on other purchases.

The welcome package is just as appealing. You can earn 50k points when you spend at least $3,000 within the first three months after having your card.

But, it is essential to know that a point equals 1 cent, and 500 points are about $500. A $500 value for $3000 is still an excellent deal.

Annual percentage rates for this card are typical. It comes with a variable APR, ranging between 15.99 percent to 22.99 percent on transfer and purchase.

While they’re not just the types of credit cards available from Bank of America, these are worthy of mention. There is also a Customized cash Rewards Card, the Travel Rewards credit card, and other cards.

Final Words

The Bank of America credit card activation and Bank Of America Activation allow users to conduct a secure and quicker transaction.

It provides various benefits, including discounts, bonuses, cashback, and other gifts. Additionally, it enhances the customers’ lives by offering convenience.

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