Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Menu Prices

Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Menu: has the perfect food for tailgates and, is, if I’m honest with you, is the perfect food for everyday consumption. Wings are a regular staple in my house, but at times I’m just not in the mood to cook. So this is the perfect meal to purchase and bring home for a meal to take home and enjoy. It comes with carrots, celery, and the option of blue or ranch.


You can also pick from a wide range of wings flavors that will please your entire family, so the options continue to grow. bdubs catering prices

The most popular menu items for catering are evidently, the wings – as traditional and boneless – and the sharable dishes which perfectly compliment a scrumptious wing.


Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Menu Prices List 2022


Buffalo Wild Wings Traditional Wings

40 wings (serves 8 to 10) $34.99
80 wings (serves 16 to 20) $67.99
120 wings (serves 24 to 30) $99.99

Buffalo Wild Wings Sharables & Sides

Coleslaw (serves 10 to 12) $9.99
Garden Salad (serves 8 to 10) $24.99
Chips & Salsa (serves 10 to 12) $14.99
Chips & Chili Con Queso (serves 10 to 12) $25.99
Mini Corn Dogs (serves 10 to 12) $19.99
12 Pretzels with Queso $23.99
Medium Potato Wedges (serves 10 to 12) $11.99
Large Potato Wedges (serves 20 t0 24) $19.99
Party Sampler $39.99

Buffalo Wild Wings Pulled Pork Sandwiches

1 Bucket (serves 10 to 12) $39.99

Buffalo Wild Wings Desserts

Cheesecake Bites with Caramel Sauce $22.99

Buffalo Wild Wings Wraps

6 wraps $35.99
9 wraps $49.99

Buffalo Wild Wings Tempting Tenders

25 Crispy (serves 10 to 12) $29.99
50 Crispy (serves 20 to 24) $59.99
25 Naked (serves 10 to 12) $29.99
50 Naked (serves 20 to 24) $59.99

Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless Wings

40 wings (serves 8 to 10) $34.99
80 wings (serves 16 to 20) $67.99
120 wings (serves 24 to 30) $99.99

High Popularity of Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Coupon

Buffalo Wild Wings menu sauces are known to be served with classic dishes that are cooked to perfection inside boneless wings. There are meals available that completely vary between the cinnamon squares, as well as sandwiches. They are well-known for their mouth-watering and delicious foods that are smothered in spicy sauces.

In addition to the foodservice, In addition, they offer top-quality catering options for parties in order to make your event unforgettable for the guests. Through these top services, they can enhance your celebration with a relaxed atmosphere to make each event unique and memorable for you and your guests.

Popular Catering Choices at Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings, or BWW as people in the know, might not have a complete menu of catering options however, who doesn’t want a lot of choices in the event of quality? Also, did I mention that we’re discussing catering so that you don’t have to cook?


The biggest effort you could need to invest in this process is grabbing ready-to-eat food. This is pretty sweet if are interested in me.

Party Sampler

$39.99 may seem steep for a Party Sampler, but… you’re getting mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, jalapeno pepper bites, AND mini corn dogs. It’s a popular choice for everyone to this entertaining Party Sampler.

But, seriously, the majority of people will go for one or the other, and let’s be honest folks.


Chips & Chili Con Queso

You can purchase this popular snack for $25.99 And who does not like cheese and chips dip? It’s not one, not even you trivia-loving Jeopardians.

25 Naked Wings

For $29.99 you can serve up to 12 people in the event that your fitness regimen demands this option. BWW isn’t a hater and is here to serve you, a healthy one.

It is important to note that all BWW catering orders have to be collected. But, you may look up whether local delivery companies have a contract with BWW to facilitate delivery, however, at the cost of a small cost.

80 Wings

For $67.99 for catering, you can throw for a 20-person tailgate party people that everyone will enjoy, with the exception of perhaps your vegetarian guests.

Make sure to look at alternatives that aren’t made of meat here. Anywho. Like any hostess, it’s difficult to serve a large crowd at less than $100, which is why this deal is so cheap.

In addition, if you have leftovers, they’ll be to be reheated by baking in the oven.

Enjoy Buffalo Wild Wings Catered Offerings

Buffalo Wild Wings is so much more than just wings. There are salads and potato wedges, queso and much more. It’s an extremely delicious meal that you can enjoy.

Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Menu Website:www.buffalowildwings.com

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