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Canadian Tire Card Activation: Hello users, Are you a Canadian Tire credit card user? You can activate the Canadian Tire credit card using the methods below. Candian Tire credit cards will give you many benefits in cashless purchases and payments.


Canadian Tire Card Activation

This guide will show you how to activate Canadian Tire credit cards using a variety of methods and a few simple steps. You can activate your Canadian Tire credit card online or by calling the number. Below are all details, including the phone number and official website. Canadian tire login credit card At

Activate Canadian Tire Card Terms and Conditions

  • You will need to have an online Canadian Tire account that is linked to Canadian Tire financial services in order for Canadian Tire to be activated online.
  • Canadian Tire card via phone number requires a registered mobile number.
  • Canadian Tire activation requires card details. Keep your card in your hands while activating.

How do I Activate my Canadian Tire card?

Two quick and easy ways to activate a Canadian tire credit card are available.

  • Canadian Tire credit cards online
  • activate Canadian Tire cards over the phone number.

Canadian Tire Card Activation Online

  • First, Canadian Tire requires that you visit the official website CTFS.COM/activate,
  • Please provide card details carefully. These include card number, expiry date, CVV number, and SNN number. Personal details are also required.
  • For creating a new pin, provide your PIN (personal identification number).
  • Complete all fields and click the Next Step.
  • Please provide the required details as shown.
  • Your Canadian Tire credit card is activated after you have completed the process.

Canadian Tire Card Activation over The Phone Number

  • Please dial the number 1-800-459-64515 if you’re calling from North America. Call (905) 735-72256.
  • Follow the instructions and listen to the instructor.
  • Give the instructor your card details, including card number, CVV number, and expiry date.
  • For security purposes, please provide personal information.
  • Then, complete the entire procedure. The card will be activated.

Canadian Tire Customer Service

Head Office Canadian Tire
2180 Yonge Street
P.O. P.O. Box 770, Station M
Toronto, ON M4P2V8

Customer Services

Telephone: 1-866-SHOP CTR (1-866-7466-7287)

Telephone: 1-800-387-8803
For roadside assistance, phone 1-888-727-7478

Final words

We hope you found this easy and effective method to activate your Canadian Tire credit cards. You can also leave feedback by using the comment box below.