Chipotle Catering Menu Prices

Chipotle Catering Menu: Chipotle’s catering menu might not be a lot however it’s extremely satisfying. When you’re hosting an event, you’ll need to be simple while making sure you provide options for people who are vegan or suffer from other allergies.


You are the best hostess and you’ve considered everyone’s needs. Go on, mix and mingle.

There’s no need to be concerned about anything except networking since Chipotle has handled it. It brings a smile to my face that is not stressed.


A few of the most requested catering menu items include the Spreads and Burritos in a Box. This means you could have a cute box or give the option of a no-cost for all and whatever your heart wants.

Let’s talk about food for the sake of it.

Prices and menus can vary according to location, but they can range between $9 and $13 per person, based on the type of order and the place of delivery. Remember that delivery or catering charges could be charged.


Chipotle Catering Menu Prices List 2022


Chipotle Catering Spreads

The Big Spread $13.50/person
Two Meat Spread $12.00/person
Veggie Spread $12.00/person

Chipotle Chips & Salsa

Chips (Box, Bigger) $40, $55
Guacamole Complimentary with order
Fresh Tomato Salsa (mild) Complimentary with order
Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa (medium spice) Complimentary with order
Tomatillo-Green Chili Salsa (medium-hot) Complimentary with order
Tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa (hot) Complimentary with order
Burritos by the Box $8.75/person

Chipotle Burritos by the Box: includes

Cilantro-Lime Rice (choose white or brown) Included in spread price
Cheese Included in spread price
Black beans Included in spread price
Fresh Tomato Salsa (mild) Included in spread price

Popular Catering Choices at Chipotle

Two Meat Spread

Two types of meat of your choice include white rice brown cilantro-lime rice medium-sized chilli-corn salsa roasted hot tomatillo-red chilli Guacamole and lettuce taco shells pinto beans, mild salsa of tomatoes medium-hot tomatillo-green chilli salsa, and cheese. Also, sour cream, cheese chips, flour tortillas serving spoons, tongs napkins, bowls, forks standing chafing steam pans, as well as fuel.

If you purchase an assortment, it comes with everything except your kitchen sink. So don’t worry there’s a solution.

Burritos By The Box

If you’re planning to serve an option for a meal for your guests and want to keep it neat and organized you can consider placing your order for the Burritos inside a Box. This is not only an excellent option that your people will enjoy and appreciate, but it’s simple to grab everyone the box, separated by vegetables or meats.


A helpful suggestion from a friend of the hostess.

Burrito in a Box Burrito in a Box includes an option of Cilantro-lime white or brown rice as well as cheese, black beans as well as mild salsa of tomatoes.

For every two burritos, you get a bag of chips the salsa tomatillo and green, as well as guacamole and sour cream, are included. This may sound strange, but consider it as a 50% discount on all the other items you need to purchase to finish the other meals.

This isn’t a cheap deal.

Chips & Salsa

Don’t overlook the wide range of salsas Chipotle provides, like”Tomatillo-Red” Chili Hot Salsa and the Roasted Chili-Corn Medium Salsa along with many more.

Everyone loves salsa and chips This is cheap and a massive fan favourite. So, get going with this extra order.

Make sure to purchase a wide variety of salsas as well as Guacamole when you choose this way.

With Chipotle catering, your guests can make their own bowls and tacos with whatever ingredients they desire and everyone will get the exact food they desire. The catering packages include stands, napkins for utensils, plates, and dishes.

To place an order for catering at Chipotle You can place an order on the phone by calling 800-CHIPOTLE, or 1-800-244-7685.

While Chipotle catering prices are a bit more expensive than what you would like to pay but your guests are bound to be delighted. For more details regarding Chipotle caterers, visit the online website.

Enjoy Chipotle’s Catered Offerings

As I mentioned, it’s little in the way of catering however, when it’s done properly, you don’t require any other items. Chipotle is thinking of server ware, napkins boxes, and food, to ensure that you’re fully ready for your next party.

Make sure to pack the cans of sodas and coolers of ice as well as dispensers for Sweet Tea to compliment the food.

Do I dare to say that a margarita could be a bit extraordinary?

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