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CIMB Credit Card Activation – What is it?

CIMB Credit Card Activation is the first thing you should do when you receive the card. The CIMB Credit Card offers many benefits. This card offers excellent deals, cash-back discounts, ease of purchase, and many other benefits.

This is an excellent reason to activate your CIMB Credit Card. It will take you less than 10 minutes to complete your CIMB Credit Card Activation task. Follow the steps below.

Ways to Activate CIMB Credit Card

If you have recently received a new card from CIMB Credit and wish to take advantage of all the CIMB Credit card benefits, please read the following post. Here are the various ways you can activate your CIMB Credit Card. These are the options.

  1. CIMB Credit Card Activation Via SMS
  2. CIMB Credit Card Activation Via Hotline Number

So, let us both of the verification methods to Activate the CIMB Credit Card in the following section.

Activate CIMB clicks Online Banking.

This is how to activate CIMB’s debit card online via CIMB Clicks.

  1. Login to CIMB Klicks app or web page.
  2. Register for an account.
  3. You can go to if you are using your browser or select Register User on the app.
  4. Next, choose a Debit card to be your access type.
  5. Enter your CIMB Card Number and your 6-digit PIN.
  6. A 6-digit Activation Code will be sent by SMS to your registered number.
  7. Enter the activation code, and choose Continue.
  8. Once you have completed this process, you can create a CIMB Clicks Account.
  9. Next, create your User ID. For additional security concerns, set up a password.

You can now use your debit card to make online payments via CIMB Clicks.


To Activate your CIMB Credit Card, follow the mentioned below steps to complete your CIMB Credit Card Activation task easily.

1. Customer needs to send an SMS on 79900 ( Available between 8 AM to 10 PM).

2. The customer has to follow the below SMS format in order to Activate CIMB Credit Card.

3. Type ACTVCARD<space>Principal Cardholder’s NRIC/Passport No.<space>16 Digit CIMB Credit Card No.

4. Send this SMS to 79900.

5. As sooner you will complete the above-mentioned task, your CIMB Credit Card Activated within a meantime.

6. You will be able to use that card after a couple of minutes…

7. Only registered mobile numbers can be used to activate CIMB Credit Card via SMS Activation.

8. If your CIMB Credit Card is not activated following the above procedure, immediately contact the Bank.

9. Please see the following method if you have trouble activating your CIMB credit card via SMS.

CIMB Credit Card Activation Through Customer Care

In order to activate the card, follow the steps to complete the CIMB Credit Card Activation task instantly…

  • Dail the CIMB Credit Customer Care Number (65) 6333 6666.
  • Once you get connected with the executive, ask for CIMB Credit Card Activation.
  • Now, Provide your CIMB Credit Card details to the instructor.
  • Now, provide your personal identification details such as your full name, your full address date of birth etc.
  • You will be notified by the CIMB concerning you your successful CIMB Credit Card Activation.

Please, contact Customer Service by calling at the card activation number, if you are facing any kind of trouble while activating your card online.

The CIMB Credit Card Activation phone number is (65) 6333 6666, which allows users to activate their cards through phone services.

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Secret Tips for CIMB Credit Card Activation

  • Make sure you never share your password, pin, or username with anyone.
  • Never share your password, pin, or username through SMS, Email etc.
  • Never share your password, pin, or username on unknown phone calls.

However, if you feel any kind of trouble or have any issues in the above-mentioned CIMB Credit Card Activation Process, then, please, let us know by commenting below in the comment box.

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CIMB Credit Card Activation – FAQs

How to activate a CIMB credit card via CIMB Clicks Malaysia?


  1. Login to CIMB Clicks > Service > Account Linking> Credit Card > Link Credit Card with CIMB Clicks ID
  2. Enter your 16-digit credit card number and select your CIMB Clicks user ID.
  3. Click “Submit” to request TAC for submission.

How to activate CIMB credit cards overseas?

WHAT IF MY CIMB CREDIT CREDIT CARD WAS NOT ACTIVATED AND I’M OVERSEAS? To activate your card, please call the 24-hour CIMB Credit Card Customer Service Hotline at (65) 64333 6666

Do I need to activate a CIMB credit card for overseas?

Yes. However, you must activate the overseas usage function before you use your CIMB Debit Mastercard abroad for shopping or ATM withdrawals. For overseas use, you will use the same 6-digit PIN.