Corner Bakery Catering Menu Prices 2022

Corner Bakery Catering Menu: If you’re searching for an establishment that will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, look up the prices for Corner Bakery’s menu in the catering information below. Corner Bakery has something to satisfy everyone with their vast selection of options, such as breakfast medleys, sandwiches salads, soups and salads desserts, pasta, and beverages.


Corner Bakery has thought of everything from trays to baskets to places out for breaks and snacks between meals.

Prices and availability of every food option vary based on your location. Check out the catering guide further down for Corner Bakery’s typical prices.


Corner Bakery Catering Menu Prices List 2022


Corner Bakery Breakfast

Corner Breakfast Combo Small $75.00
Corner Breakfast Combo Medium $100.00
Corner Breakfast Combo Large $120.00
Fresh Fruit Tray Small $35.00
Fresh Fruit Tray Medium $50.00
Fresh Fruit Tray Large $65.00
Fresh Fruit Medley Small $30.00
Fresh Fruit Medley Medium $40.00
Fresh Fruit Medley Large $50.00
Breakfast Bites Tray Small $25.00
Breakfast Bites Tray Medium $35.00
Breakfast Bites Tray Large $45.00
Muffin And Bagel Basket Small $35.00
Muffin And Bagel Basket Medium $50.00
Muffin And Bagel Basket Large $65.00
Breakfast Basket Small $45.00
Breakfast Basket Medium $65.00
Breakfast Basket Large $85.00
Chilled Berry And Almond Swiss Oatmeal $45.00
California Breakfast Bar $45.00
Power Flat Tray $65.00
The Big Scramble $65.00

Corner Bakery Drinks

Can Of Soda $1.39
Individual Orange Juice $15.00
CBC Bottled Water $1.99
Hibiscus Lemonade $15.00
Old-Fashioned Lemonade $15.00
Mighty Leaf Iced Tea $15.00
Half Gallon Orange Juice $2.49
Mighty Leaf Hot Tea $15.00
Truffle Hot Chocolate $15.00
Hand-Roasted Coffee $16.00

Corner Bakery Sweets

Cookie Bites Tray $35.00
Cinnamon Crème Cake $60.00
Fruit And Sweets Basket $35.00
Pound Cake And Berries $45.00
Bakery Bites $60.00
Cookie Basket $30.00
Sweets Basket $50.00

Corner Bakery Individual Ordering

Individual Beverages $9.50
Individual Bag Of Bakery Chips $9.50
Individual Salads $9.50
Lunch Box With Chips And Salad $10.00
Lunch Box With Salad $9.75
Lunch Box With Chips $9.50

Corner Bakery Handcrafted Pasta

Pasta With Marinara Serves 8 $90.00
Cavatappi With Marinara Serves 8 $90.00
Chicken Carbonara Pasta Serves 8 $90.00
Pesto Cavatappi Pasta Serves 8 $90.00

Corner Bakery Specialty Side Salads

Mixed Berries Serves 8 $4.00
Quinoa & Pico Salad Serves 8 $4.00
Cavatappi Pasta Salad Serves 8 $4.00
Asian Edamame Salad Serves 8 $4.00
Tuna Salad Small $40.00
Tuna Salad Medium $55.00
Tuna Salad Large $65.00
D.C. Chicken Salad Serves 8 $40.00

Corner Bakery Signature Salads

Spinach Sweet Crisp Salad Individual $9.75
Chicken Caesar Salad Individual $9.75
Chicken Caesar Salad Individual $45.00
Chicken Caesar Salad Medium $60.00
Chicken Caesar Salad Large $70.00
Santa Fe Ranch Salad Individual $9.75
Harvest Chicken Salad Individual $9.75
Harvest Chicken Salad Small $45.00
Harvest Chicken Salad Medium $60.00
Harvest Chicken Salad Large $70.00
Asian Wonton Salad Individual $9.75
Asian Wonton Salad Small $45.00
Asian Wonton Salad Medium $60.00
Asian Wonton Salad Large $70.00
Chopped Salad Individual $9.75

Corner Bakery Sandwich Baskets And Trays

Sandwich Builder Tray $85.00
Mini-Sandwich Basket Small $90.00
Mini-Sandwich Basket Medium $130.00
Mini-Sandwich Basket Large $160.00
Sandwich Basket $80.00

Corner Bakery Corner Classic Combos

Corner Pasta Classic Combo $110.00
Corner Classic Combo With Sandwich Builder Tray $85.00
Corner Classic Combo With Mini Sandwich Basket $140.00
Corner Classic Combo With Sandwich Basket $190.00

Popular Catering Choices at Corner Bakery

Corner Bakery has a variety of catering choices for all meals throughout the day. The bakery is most well-known for breakfast and bakery desserts, but there are also pasta, sandwiches soups, salads, soups, and everything is prepared fresh. Below are a few of their best products.

Handcrafted Pasta

The pasta options at Corner Bakery are a favorite due to their simplicity. There are four choices, and they are all traditional and guaranteed to satisfy a crowd.

There’s Pasta with Marinara that’s exactly as it sounds. Also, there is Cavatappi with Marinara that is similar to the first option but with a more refined pasta.


If you’re seeking something different then you can select from the Chicken Carbonara Pasta and its Pesto Cavatappi Pasta. Its Chicken Carbonara Pasta includes chicken bacon, peas, and bacon and a delicious carbonara sauce. This one is perfect for those who love meat. This Pesto Cavatappi Pasta has chicken as well as Pesto Cream Sauce. It’s for those who love the flavor.

Bakery Sweets

Corner Bakery is known for its cookies and cakes. There is no way to be wrong with the well-known Cinnamon Creme Cake or the Pound Cake & Berries. Everyone will be happy when you add a variety of your own homemade cookies as well.

Breakfast Trays

Corner Bakery has great options for an array of healthy breakfast dishes. You can pick something lighter such as The Fresh Fruit Medley, including freshly cut seasonal fruit. If you’re in need of a dinner that keeps your guests satisfied for longer, the Big Scramble is a great choice. It comes with scrambled eggs, cheese, and chicken or bacon sausage.


You could also combine both. There are a variety of options between light and nutritious meals like oatmeal, a yogurt bar with a parfait, Bagels, and muffins.

Enjoy Corner Bakery’s Catering Offerings

Corner Bakery’s menu is unique because of the range of flavors.

If you’re choosing your meal Don’t forget to finish it off with Corner Bakery’s special Hibiscus Lemonade or Truffle Hot Chocolate according to the time of year. Corner Bakery’s catering staff is available to assist you since it is said, “Why cook when we cater?”

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