Cupertino Union School District Holiday Calendar 2022-2023

Academic Calendar – Cupertino Union School District

Cupertino Union School: Cupertino Union Schools District is a public school in Sunnyvale, California. 


This school is a top-rated one in Cupertino, California. The school district includes 26 schools, including 20 elementary and six middle schools.

The school offers grades K-8 with a 23:1 student-teacher ratio. Cupertino Union Schools District has 16,710 students and 780 educators. 


The school provides free lunch to 4.2% of its students. The school’s teachers are supportive and passionate about their job and duties. 

They encourage students to reach their goals and help them achieve their dreams. The annual salary for teachers at the school is $97163.

Cupertino Union School


This Cupertino Union School District holiday calendar 2022-2023 displayed on this page includes activities like Thanksgiving Break and Break for Christmas, Break, and many more holidays.

Cupertino Union School District is located in California, United States. For updated information about Cupertino Union School District calendar, visit the school website at 

More information about the holidays is available on the official calendar of the Cupertino Union School District.


Cupertino Union School District Holiday Calendar 2022-2023

Visit Cupertino Union School District website at to access the latest 2022-2023 holiday calendar.

School Holidays Starts Finishes
First Day of School 18 Aug 2022
Thanksgiving Break 21 Nov 2022
25 Nov 2022
Christmas Break 23 Dec 2022
6 Jan 2023
Mid Winter Break 20 Feb 2023
24 Feb 2023
Spring Break 17 Apr 2023
21 Apr 2023
Last Day of School 13 Jun 2023
Summer Break 14 Jun 2023

 Cupertino Union School District Holiday Calendar 2021-2022

Cupertino Union School District Holiday calendar is as follows:

School Holidays Starts Finishes
First Day of School 16 Aug 2021
Fall Break 11 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021
Thanksgiving Break 22 Nov 2021
26 Nov 2021
Christmas Break 20 Dec 2021
31 Dec 2021
Mid Winter Break 21 Feb 2022
25 Feb 2022
Spring Break 18 Apr 2022
22 Apr 2022
Last Day of School 9 Jun 2022

Cupertino Union School District Holiday Calendar 2020-2021

Cupertino Union School District Holiday calendar is as follows:

School Holidays Starts Finishes
First Day of School 13 Aug 2020
Thanksgiving Break 23 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020
Christmas Break 21 Dec 2020
1 Jan 2021
Mid Winter Break 15 Feb 2021
19 Feb 2021
Spring Break 12 Apr 2021
16 Apr 2021
Last Day of School 8 Jun 2021

Cupertino Union School District Holiday Calendar 2019-2020

School Holidays Starts Finishes
First Day of School 15 Aug 2019
Thanksgiving Break 25 Nov 2019
29 Nov 2019
Christmas Break 23 Dec 2019
3 Jan 2020
Mid Winter Break 17 Feb 2020
21 Feb 2020
Spring Break 13 Apr 2020
17 Apr 2020
Last Day of School 9 Jun 2020
Summer Break 10 Jun 2020
12 Aug 2020

Students at Cupertino Union

Cupertino Union’s student body is 13.3% white, 0.5% black, 73.6% Asian/Pacific Islander and 5.3% Hispanic/Latino. 0.3% American Indian/Ala Native and 0.1% Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander are the other demographics. 

6.9% of students are from two or more race groups, while 0% have not stated their race or ethnicity. 

Additionally, 48% of students in Cupertino Union are female, and 52% are male. Students in Cupertino union are eligible for federal free and reduced-price meal programs. 17.1% of students speak English as a second language.

Students on free or reduced price lunch


Students learning English (average)


Teachers at Cupertino Union

Cupertino Union has 100.0% of its teachers licensed and 91.6% with three years or more of experience. 

At 23:1, the student-to-teacher ratio in Cupertino Union is higher than the state average. There are ten counselors full-time in the district.

Student-teacher ratio

23:1State average: 22:1

Percentage of teachers who are certified (average)


Teachers with 3 or more years experience (average)


Number of full-time school counselors


Cupertino Union School Teacher Salary and Benefits

Cupertino Union Schools District employs approximately 800 educators. Below are the table’s sources of information for Cupertino Union Schools District administration and teacher salaries. Please note: 

This information is only for informational purposes. For official information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the school district directly.

CUSD Teacher Salary Details

Below is a table listing the salary ranges of teachers, as provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the San Jose Sunnyvale-Santa Clara region. Variations in salary can be due to education or experience. 

A teacher with a master’s degree in education might earn a higher salary than a teacher at an entry level.

Kindergarten Teacher $65,150 $42,750 – $89,630
Elementary School Teacher $69,320 $48,790 – $91,530
PE Teacher $44,130 $19,490 – $65,160
Substitute Teacher (Hourly) $19.10/hr $15.34 – $22.68/hr
Teaching Assistant $29,870 $20,640 – $40,480

Special Education Teacher Salary

Below is a table that details the salary ranges of special education teachers working for CUSD or other local school districts.

Special Ed. (Kindergarten & Elementary) $65,820 $46,330 – $90,070

Cupertino Union School District Jobs and Careers

Below are the tables that outline the number of administrators, teachers, and support staff employed by the Cupertino Union Schools District

This information was gathered through the NCES Universe Survey’s self-reported survey.

Total Number of Teachers Employed

Below is the total number of teachers employed in Cupertino Union Schools District by grade classification

2012 2013 2014
Total Teachers 768 785 785
Kindergarten Teachers 65 73 70
Elementary School Teachers 669 685 711

Instructional Supervisors, Coordinators, and Teaching Assistants

The table below lists the total number of teaching assistant, coordinator, and instructional supervisor jobs.

2012 2013 2014
Supervisors & Coordinators 17 33 33
Teaching Assistants 203 195 207

District and School Administrators and Support Staff

The table below shows the total number of school administrators and support personnel who work for Cupertino Union Schools District.

2012 2013 2014
Total Administrators & Staff 371 371 395
District Support Staff 41 19 23
School Administrators 31 32 32
School Administrative Support Staff 62 64 61
Student Support Staff 33 41 35
Other Support Staff 190 212 242
Guidance Counselors 12 12 11

Cupertino Union School District Corona Virus Update

Cupertino Union School District Corona Virus Update

The situation right now is that covid-19 is rapidly spreading. Virtual learning is a suggestion of every teacher and faculty member at the school. 

Student’s parents also suggested that they take virtual classes and that some of them go to in-person lessons. 

The school currently follows hybrid learning, where students will attend school two days per week and then learn from home the four remaining days. If teachers and students can take classes at home, they will be healthier. 

Here are the most recent COVID-19 updates for the Cupertino Union Schools District. We have also updated the information on coronavirus in other schools across the United States. 

You can find more information on the Cupertino Union Schools District’s official website.

Cupertino Union School District Phone Number

Cupertino Union School District Phone Number

We have given you the official phone number of Cupertino Union Schools District, i.e. (408) 252-3000, where you can call to get more information about the school. 

Also, you may visit the school’s official website, which is, where you can see and take out the required information about the school by visiting the school’s main website.

Cupertino Union School District Holiday Calendar Download

If the Cupertino Union School District calendar on this page is not up-to-date, you can visit Cupertino Union School District’s website at for the updated version of the calendar. 

Cupertino Union School District FAQS

What school district does Cupertino, CA, belong to?

The Cupertino Union Schools District organizes primary (K-8) public schools. 

The Fremont Union High school District serves high school students, except for the small portion of the northeast corner that belongs to Santa Clara Unified. Cupertino High School, and Hyde Midd, its feeder school…

What percentage of Cupertino students are a minority?

Minority enrollment makes up 85% (majority Asian) of the student body, which is higher than the California public school average of 77% (majority Hispanic). 

Cupertino Union Schools District is ranked among the top 20 public school districts in California for:

Where do most Cupertino teenagers go to high school?

Fremont Union School District: The Fremont Union School District is where most Cupertino teens go to high school. 

Five of the District’s high schools are highly ranked nationwide, in both state and region.

Which political party is Cupertino CA affiliated with?

Cupertino, California State Legislature: Cupertino is represented by Democrat Jim Beall in the 15th Senate district and Evan Low in the 28th Assembly district.

Why are Cupertino schools closing?

The reasons for closing both schools were cited by the school board as falling enrollment, funding problems, and voter rejection of a parcel tax.

Is Cupertino School District good?

Cupertino Union Schools District is a highly-rated public school located in Sunnyvale. It is home to 15,663 students in grades K-8 and has a 23-to-1 student-teacher ratio. 

State test scores show 86% of students are proficient in math and 85% in reading.

Is Cupertino middle school a good school?

Cupertino Middle 2021 Rankings 

Cupertino Middle was ranked #87 among California Middle Schools. 

Rankings determine how schools perform on state-required exams, graduation rates, and how well their students prepare for high school.

What school district is Cupertino, California?

Home – Cupertino Union School District.

How many students are in Cupertino Union School District?

15,663 students

Overview of Cupertino Union 

Cupertino Union has 25 schools and 15663 students. Minority enrollment in the district is 90%. Additionally, 5.6% are economically disadvantaged.

What middle schools attend Cupertino High School?

The closest middle schools are Lawson Middle School and Hyde Middle School. It serves Sunnyvale and San Jose, Santa Clara, San Jose, and Cupertino.

How do you spell Cupertino?

Cupertino, a California town, is the name of Apple Inc.’s corporate headquarters. “Cupertino” is a dictionary that Microsoft Word has used since 1989.

What language is Cupertino?

Cupertino Language Immersion Program is a K-8 Mandarin Immersion Program established in 1998-1999. 

It started with one kindergarten class at John Muir elementary school, and it was the first and second public Chinese immersion program in California.

Is Cupertino an excellent place to live?

In Santa Clara County, Cupertino is the best place to live in California. Cupertino residents enjoy an urban, suburban feel, and most residents own their homes. 

There are many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Cupertino.

Why is Cupertino not an excellent place to live?

Cupertino may not be the most affordable city to live in if you compare it to California and the national average. 

Although living in Cupertino costs 204% more than the rest of California due to its housing market.