Hy-Vee Catering Menu Prices 2022

Hy-Vee Catering Menu Prices 2022

Hy-Vee Catering Menu: There are many points to be considered when looking over the prices of Hy-Vee’s catering menu however the most crucial one is which Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes are you planning to use for your Thanksgiving meal?

Pies are also on the menu and I’d rather eat the fudge cake instead of the traditional French silk pie.

Apart from holiday-themed meals, Hy-Vee offers classic catering items such as cheese and meat platters, sandwich trays seafood, and shrimp. They also offer diverse, fun items like their pasta bar and Asian buffet.

For those who love meat, they should look at the meat bundles that are raw. There are a lot of seafood options, too.

Find out what products might fit your needs!

Hy-Vee Catering Menu Prices List 2022


Hy-Vee Shrimp & Seafood Trays

Captains Trio Platter 12 Inch $30.00
Captains Trio Platter 16 Inch $50.00
Captains Trio Platter 18 Inch $70.00
Seafarers Cocktail Platter 12 Inch $40.00
Seafarers Cocktail Platter 16 Inch $65.00
Seafarers Cocktail Platter 18 Inch $80.00
Shrimp & Crab Cocktail Platter 12 Inch $20.00
Shrimp & Crab Cocktail Platter 16 Inch $30.00
Shrimp & Crab Cocktail Platter 18 Inch $40.00
Shrimp & Surimi Crab Platter 12 Inch $25.00
Shrimp & Surimi Crab Platter 16 Inch $40.00
Shrimp & Surimi Crab Platter 18 Inch $55.00
Shrimp Platter 12 Inch $25.00
Shrimp Platter 16 Inch $45.00
Shrimp Platter 18 Inch $55.00
Signature All-Natural Shrimp Platter Medium $45.00
Signature All-Natural Shrimp Platter Large $75.00
Signature Asian Shrimp Platter Medium $45.00
Signature Asian Shrimp Platter Large $75.00
Signature Cracked Pepper-Encrusted Smoked Salmon Platter Medium $35.00
Signature Cracked Pepper-Encrusted Smoked Salmon Platter Large $65.00
Signature Creole Shrimp Platter Medium $45.00
Signature Creole Shrimp Platter Large $75.00
Signature Hickory Smoked Salmon Platter Medium $35.00
Signature Hickory Smoked Salmon Platter Large $65.00
Signature Southwest Chipotle Shrimp Platter Medium $45.00
Signature Southwest Chipotle Shrimp Platter Large $75.00
Supreme Shrimp Platter 12 Inch $40.00
Supreme Shrimp Platter 16 Inch $60.00
Supreme Shrimp Platter 18 Inch $80.00
Surimi Crab Platter Small $20.00
Surimi Crab Platter Medium $35.00
Surimi Crab Platter Large $50.00

Hy-Vee Hickory House & Non-Traditional Dinners

Hickory House Smokehouse Meat Dinner Serves 8 $129.99
Hickory House Smokehouse Meat Banquet Serves 16 $229.99
Lasagna Feast Serves 12 $109.99
Chicken Alfredo Feast Serves 6 $109.99
Hickory House Smokehouse Meat Feast Serves 12 $179.99
Lasagna Dinner Serves 6 $64.99
Chicken Alfredo Dinner Serves 6 $64.99

Hy Vee Holiday Meals

Hy-Vee Traditional Dinners

Boneless Turkey Breast Dinner Serves 4 $49.99
Traditional Boneless Ham Dinner Serves 8 $89.99
Applewood Pit Ham Dinner Serves 12 $129.99
Gourmet Holiday Feast Serves 16 $259.99
Traditional Turkey Feast Serves 8 $89.99
Family Feast Turkey Dinner Serves 12 $129.99
Prime Rib Dinner Serves 8 $139.99
Holiday Family Gathering Serves 20 $299.99

Hy-Vee Meat Bundle Packs

Meat Bundle 1 $35.00
Meat Bundle 2 $60.00
Meat Bundle 3 $50.00
Meat Bundle 4 $30.00
Meat Bundle 5 $85.00
Meat Bundle 6 $100.00
Meat Bundle 7 $65.00
Meat Bundle 8 $80.00
Meat Bundle 9 $75.00
Meat Bundle 10 $55.00

Hy-Vee Chicken Wings

Boneless Wing Tray Serves 8-10 $12.95
Buffalo Wing Platter $29.95
Pick 3 Boneless Wing Tray Serves 15-20 $24.95
Signature Asian Chicken Platter $27.00
Signature Winging It Platter 2.5 lbs. $25.00
Signature Winging It Platter 5 lbs. $40.00

Hy-Vee Sandwich & Sub Trays

Condimento Serves 10 $20.00
Condimento Serves 20 $35.00
Condimento Serves 30 $45.00
Di Lusso Subs 3 Foot $45.00
Di Lusso Subs 6 Foot $78.00
Fiesta Tray Serves 10 $15.00
Fiesta Tray Serves 20 $20.00
Fiesta Tray Serves 30 $25.00
Piccolo Panino Sandwich Tray Serves 12 $15.00
Piccolo Panino Sandwich Tray Serves 24 $30.00
Piccolo Panino Sandwich Tray Serves 36 $40.00
Rotella Wrap Tray Serves 12 $20.00
Rotella Wrap Tray Serves 24 $40.00
Rotella Wrap Tray Serves 32 $50.00
Signature Fantastic Fixins Platter $25.00
Signature Mini Ciabatta Party Platter $28.00
Signature O-live It Up Platter $36.00
Signature The Ring Leader Party Pleaser $40.00

Hy-Vee Fruit & Veggie Trays

50/50 Fruit and Vegetable Tray 16 Inch $50.00
50/50 Fruit and Vegetable Tray 18 Inch $60.00
Fruit Pizza Small $6.99
Fruit Pizza Large $14.99
Fruit Tray 10 Inch $18.00
Fruit Tray 12 Inch $22.00
Fruit Tray 16 Inch $51.00
Fruit Tray 18 Inch $61.00
Signature Dill Dip Appetizer Tray $30.00
Signature Fantastic Fruit Platter Medium $28.00
Signature Fantastic Fruit Platter Large $50.00
Signature Melon Medley Hostess Tray $10.00
Signature Premier Vegetable Platter Medium $24.00
Signature Premier Vegetable Platter Large $44.00
Signature Sparkling Berry Hostess Tray $13.00
Signature Sparkling Berry Tray $25.00
Signature The Classic Hostess Tray $28.00
Strawberry Tray Small $17.00
Strawberry Tray Large $21.00
Vegetable Pizza Small $5.99
Vegetable Pizza Large $11.99
Vegetable Tray 10 Inch $15.00
Vegetable Tray 12 Inch $20.00
Vegetable Tray 16 Inch $42.00
Vegetable Tray 18 Inch $52.00

Hy-Vee Meat & Cheese Trays

Anthonys Choice Tray Serves 10 $25.00
Anthonys Choice Tray Serves 20 $45.00
Anthonys Choice Tray Serves 30 $65.00
Di Lusso Tray Serves 10 $25.00
Di Lusso Tray Serves 20 $45.00
Di Lusso Tray Serves 30 $65.00
Festo Tray Serves 10 $15.00
Festo Tray Serves 20 $25.00
Festo Tray Serves 30 $35.00
Formaggio Tray Serves 10 $15.00
Formaggio Tray Serves 20 $25.00
Formaggio Tray Serves 30 $35.00
Signature Terrific Trio Platter Medium $25.00
Signature Terrific Trio Platter Large $48.00
Signature The Classic Hostess Tray $28.00
Signature Tuscan Harvest Platter Medium $28.00
Signature Tuscan Harvest Platter Large $50.00

How to place an order with Hy Vee catering

To purchase from Hy Vee, simply visit their website. Choose your desired place of residence. Then, choose from their various platters. It is possible to input your preferences and information. You can then contact the nearest Hy Vee nearest you to help a specialist in catering assist you.

Be sure to place your order in advance to receive the best price and stress-free catering.

There are choices for meat bundles the chicken wings of their signature platters cocktails sandwiches, fruits and vegetable platters, cheese and meat platters, and seafood platters.

Your order can be delivered or picked up. Additional charges may be incurred for bigger orders or delivery.

You can be assured that the food you’re receiving is fresh and high-quality. Hy Vee will supply you with food and drinks for every event or gathering that you host.

A part of the customer loyalty program, Hy Vee provide exclusive discounts and rewards for their products, including gas.

Hy Vee Catering Reviews

Create a memorable party by bringing in Hy Vee. Hy Vee will make your event enjoyable.

Hy Vee takes pride in providing customers with a pleasant experience when they visit their stores. They provide their customers with a smile. The staff go the extra mile to assist customers.

Take a 10-person platter with chicken wings along with cheese and meat platters, for just $80. It is possible to purchase their signature party tray as well as meat bundles for 15 people for $100to $120. A large group of 20 people getting Christmas dinners, cocktails and a condiment platter could cost $150-$200.

With the huge choice and excellent service of Hy Vee catering, you can be certain the guests love the event and will talk about the event for weeks to come.

Whatever the occasion, it could be a business meeting or a birthday celebration, or a wedding Hy Vee is sure to provide tasty food that will please both you and guests to ensure that you are completely content with their services.

Popular Catering Choices at Hy-Vee

From black-tie weddings and weddings and backyard BBQs the Hy-Vee store has the food you’re looking for at a price you’ll be able to.
Shrimp gets a boost with various flavours, including Creole as well as southwest chipotle.

Their unique buffets offer an entirely new dimension of possibilities for the catering industry. What else could you possibly find barbeque bars with succulent pork and freshly baked corn muffins?

Signature Asian Chicken Platter

The most popular flavours like sweet-and-sour orange, sesame, and mandarin chicken, are laid out on a plate with sweet-and-sour sauce to dip. It’s all the flavour of Chinese food, but with the convenience of a plate of chicken wings. Be sure to include instructions at the counter in case you wish them to be hot when you get them If not, give them the time to heat the wings.

Meat Bundles

There are ten varieties of meat bundles. The meat is raw and requires ordering at least 24 hours prior to the time of delivery.

Meat Bundle 2, one of the bundles that are priced at mid-price, contains four bacon-wrapped sirloin filets two boneless ribeye cuts, two New York strip steaks, four ground chuck patties, and 4 pounds of ground chuck. The site lists the fat content and ounces to help you make your decision.

Vegetable Pizza

Instead of a tray with vegetables what about a veggie pizza? Hy-Vee puts vegetable dip over pizza crusts and adds broccoli as well as cauliflower, carrots olives, tomatoes, and cheese.

Enjoy Hy-Vee’s Catering Offerings

Apart from the sandwiches, veggie trays as well as wraps, and special food buffets, Hy-Vee is also home to an excellent bakery. While many of the baked goods aren’t listed included in the online catering menu Hy-Vee is a reputable name for wedding cakes, or even, if you’re fond of tall, high-end cakes, they can assist you in creating your own dessert bar. Contact your local store manager to get the specifics!

Hy-Vee Catering Menu Prices Offical Website: www.hy-vee.com/stores/catering/

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