Laurentian Credit Card activation | Activate Credit Card 2022

Laurentian Credit Card: Laurentian Bank is a financial institution that serves Canadians across the nation. Laurentian has created a distinct segment, standing out through a history of customer trust and sensitivity.Laurentian Credit Card activation


Laurentian Credit Card activation

If you’ve been accepted for a Laurentian card, then you’ll be required to activate it before using the card. Make sure you have your new card on hand before trying to begin since you’ll be asked for the card’s number. It would help if you also verified that you are the cardholder who is in charge.

Activating Your Laurentian Visa Card Over the Phone

To ensure the fastest activation of your card, we suggest calling Laurentian customer service at 1-877-522-3863 or calling 1-800-252-1846. Choose “Option 4” in the automated menu. You can also call the number listed located on the back of your card or the toll-free activation number that came with your new credit card.


Activate Your Laurentian Bank Credit Card Online

There is currently no method in the present time to get the Visa MasterCard online. Laurentian offers the following toll-free number for activation via phone.

The Simplest Method

You have to be able to activate the new card by phone. Can be done by dialling 1-800-252-1846 and selecting “Option 4” from the menu. When you first open a credit card is recommended to call the number associated with the card (usually that’s your phone from home) to speed up the verification process by contacting the caller ID.

Laurentian Account Login Link:

This Laurentian bank account login can direct you to the Bank account’s login screen.


Laurentian Visa Card Services: 1 877 522-3863; 1-866-262-2231 (TTY)

Do not forget to verify your new card before making use of it.

About Laurentian

Laurentian provides a variety of flexible credit cards to its customers. Each Visa card has different advantages and perks to owning, including rewards, travel insurance, and much more. Make sure you look through the full range of available cards before settling on one to ensure that you ideally have the right card for your needs.