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NAB Credit Card Activation: You must activate your card if you received a new debit or credit card from National Australia Bank. It is important to note that you will not be able to use your card if the card cannot be activated nab rewards credit card. login

To activate your NAB credit card online, visit Or call 13 22 65 for the NAB Card Activation number to activate your card over the phone. To activate your credit card, you can send an SMS to a registered number at +61 438 34 818 or visit any nearby ATM to activate it using the card PIN.

While you can activate your card using any method that suits you best, it is important to follow these steps in order to activate your card.

NAB Visa Debit Card Features & Benefits

National Australia Bank offers the customers two varieties of Visa Debit Card to access their money in a safe and secure way. Connected to a brand existing or new NAB Classic Bank Account, this card provides the following benefits and services to benefit from.

Activate NAB Debit Card NAB Internet Banking

If you are looking to make an activation request for your NAB Card via Internet Banking, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the NAB official website
  2. After that, your sign in or sign-up by entering your ID number and password.
  3. Then, click “Manage your Debit Card’.
  4. You can now modify your PIN temporarily.
  5. Once you have set up an online banking shop pay with a credit card.

NAB Credit Card Number: 13-22 65

You will need a registered number to activate your card by dialing the activation number. Follow the below instructions to activate your card. Keep your card details and personal information handy.

  • STEP 1. Call the NAB activation number at 13 22 65 from a mobile phone number that is linked to your card.
  • STEP 2: Choose a language to activate your card.
  • STEP 3 Step 3.

NAB card activation via SMS

You must have a registered number that is linked to your account in order to activate a card via SMS.

Your card will be activated quickly by texting your NAB ID (back) and the last eight characters of your card to +61 438 34 818

Quick steps to activate NAB Card online

  1. Go to NAB Credit Card Activation Online Link at
  2. Log in to NAB Online banking ( NAB Credit Card Login).
  3. Log in to your account and choose My Card.
  4. Select the card you wish to activate.
  5. Create a pin to activate your card.

You can also activate your card by dialing NAB Card Activation Number at 13 22 65 or complete NAB Debit Card Activation via SMS at +61 438 34 818.

How to activate NAB Visa Debit Card by NAB App

Initiating your newly issued NAB Visa Debit Card through NAB mobile banking application is simple safe, secure, and easy. The process and requirements are almost identical to NAB Internet Banking. To activate cards with the app, you’ll have to sign up for SMS Security.

NAB application is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Install or update the most recent version of this app for your apple or android devices. You must then

  • Log into your account on the NAB Mobile Banking app
  • Click on “My Cards”
  • Click to the “Activate” icon on your brand new NAB Debit Card
  • Follow the instructions and set up an account with a PIN.
  • The card is active and ready to use.

Similar to Internet Banking, by logging in to the NAB app, you can modify your pin at any moment.

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NAB Debit Card Activation help, tips

>>> Debit or ATM cardholders can activate their card simply by visiting any ATM and using their PIN to make a withdrawal.

>>> National Australia Bank debit card and credit card holders should not disclose their credit card details, online banking details, or account numbers to anyone.

>>> Keep your cards connected to your registered mobile number, and the net banking account, in order to keep up-to-date

>>> You can also make a small transaction to ensure your card activation.

If you cannot activate NAB Credit Card online at or are unable to complete the NAB Card Activation procedure then you can share the issues below. To get assistance online, please share your NAB Activation problems