Pc MasterCard login ❤️️ Pc Financial MasterCard Activation

PC MasterCard login: The president’s choice Financial MasterCard is one of PC’s many banking products and services.


One of Canada’s top banking institutions, President’s Choice, makes this and various other credit cards available to customers. Many of them offer fantastic perks and reward programs.

How do I activate the President’s Choice (PC) Credit Card (pcfinancial.ca)

No matter which credit card you’ve received approval by, it is necessary to activate it before you can use it.


We’ve provided the steps to activate your credit card on your PC below: PC MasterCard login.

You can activate your Pc Financial MasterCard Online

To begin, log into your PC Financial online account. Once you’ve logged in, you can complete the activation on your laptop, computer, or mobile phone.

Make sure you have your new PC MasterCard login; you’ll be asked to enter your card number and personal details to complete the activation process.


Note If you’re not yet enrolled in PC Financial online banking, you must complete your online registration.

President’s Choice Card is activated via Phone.

While activating your credit card via your banking account is the most convenient procedure, you could encounter situations that require phone activation. 

In these instances, you can contact PC Financial’s customer support directly at the following phone number: 1-866-246-7262


We suggest calling this number via the number linked to your account to speed up the Activation process.

Quick and straightforward Instructions to Activate

Click here to enable your card on your PC Banking online with a Financial account. If you do not have an account set up, you’ll be able to register before completing the procedure.

Log in to your account and activate it through the account management menu.

If you require assistance, Contact the President’s Choice Financial Customer Service Hotline at 1-866-246-7262.

Tips for new credit card users:

  • To reduce the risk of identity theft, you should sign on the back of your credit card before you use it.
  • Make sure you read the cardholder’s agreement thoroughly.

You can get the most value from your new pc MasterCard login! Learn about all the benefits offered by the card and take advantage of the benefits in fine-printing the cardholder agreement.