ShowTimeAnyTime.Com/Activate on Roku – Activate Showtime Anytime

  1. Launch the Showtime Anytime app on your Smart TV
  2. Click on Activate.
  3. Note down the code displayed on TV screen.
  4. Visit from PC or mobile Browser.
  5. Enter the code.
  6. Click on Submit.
  7. Log into your TV service provide account.
  8. You can enjoy streaming Showtime Anytime.

Where to Enter Code For TV?

Go to using any web browser on your computer or mobile. Enter the activation code.

Hit on Submit button. Choose your TV service provider then enter login details. After verify your details. You can access Showtime Anytime.


This is on a different computer where we were doing this. We don’t get any message. You’ll see that on my screen. you will get a message saying that I need to install a video plugin called Widevine. That plugin is made by Google. That’s the long story. If you want to install this plug-in, you need to go to tools and slash DL page then slash Widevine. You can find this optimizer and you can install it. After that, you’ll be able to watch Showtime.

ShowTime AnyTime Activate on Android TV

For ShowTime AnyTime com activate android TV and we’ve got the Android TV version of Showtime Anytime up on APK Mirror if you want to sideload it. Otherwise, you ought to be able to find it by searching on your Android TV.


You would think that a streaming video app for a TV channel would support Google’s TV platform, but before today you’d be mistaken in the case of Showtime Anytime. There is finally a version of the app with Android TV support.

This app differs from the confusingly named “Showtime” app—you need a cable subscription with Showtime to use Anytime. The other Showtime app is for the channel’s standalone monthly streaming plan. The new Android TV app is under the main Showtime listing, but it will download an Android TV-specific APK on your compatible device.

We’ve got the Android TV version of Showtime Anytime up on APK Mirror if you want to side load it. Otherwise, you ought to be able to find it by searching on your Android TV.


How To Do ShowTime AnyTime Activate and More?

We’re going to show you how to get HBO, Netflix Showtime and Amazon Prime video for free, if you’re interested in that then stay with me, and come to watch my post, that will show you exactly how you can get all these wonderful movies and TV shows from these places for free using a little program called Kodi, so let’s go ahead and go over to the Kodi program, and what we’re going to do is show you exactly what’s involved, there we go.

Kody is a video player program, it’s a media program that allows you to play all kinds of multimedia stuff from all over the net terrific program, if you don’t know how to get it, look in the description below, because there’ll be a link to post that tells you how to get Kodi from their website, as well as there’s going to be a link in the description below for how to get some back up, what’s called add-ons to go along with the add-on, I’m going to show you today.

Let’s go ahead and get to our post add-ons and there is placenta, placenta is the program that we’re looking at right now, that’s going to allow you to get all of that free stuff that I’m talking about, it’s a terrific add-on, now if we go into the add-on, you’ll notice that you’ve got movies, TV shows, my movies, my TV shows, new movies you’ve got way more than just what I promised you, you’re getting a big bonus, because this is going to be good, so if you go into the TV show section, you also got all types of stuff, genres network’s language certificate people watching, so this is all well and good, but you’re sitting there saying well where’s the Netflix where’s the HBO go.


A little section called networks here actually has separate sections for all the different major networks, so you can go into HBO right here, and you can go down and you can find just about every single network, you can possibly think of and as we scroll, we find Netflix available, and if we go up to the top, you’re going to see Amazon under a terrific stuff, and Showtime, of course, is in there too, and Cinemax Comedy Central, you name it, you got it, it’s all in here, tons and tons of stuff for your viewing pleasure, you’re going to have a ball with this, you can just go into any of these like HBO, and it’s going to list all of the shows, that is on the HBO network, and you’re going to be able to go into there and pick a show and watch it.

Here’s Silicon Valley EEMA Thrones of course, one of the most popular ones, ballers for the football fans, West world for the sci-fi fans, there you just got tons of stuff, this is a terrific thing for you, and the pleasant to add on, so how do you get it?.

ShowTimeAnyTime.Com/Activate on Roku

First of all, you have to install the source for placenta, and the way you install a source is you get to your main screen and Kody or roku device, and you click on the gear icon, and you need to get to your file manager, then you need to add source, once you go to add the source, you’re going to input the source, that’s for the Mr. Blammo repository, now we’re going to show you that source right here, this is the source repo, Mr. Blammo XYZ, so go ahead and write that down, it’s also going to be in the description below for you. To make it easy we’re going to hit OK, and now after you’ve inputted the source, you need to go back to the beginning, go to add-ons, go to my add-ons, and you can click the two little dots, and you can actually go to install from zip, and once you install from zipping, you’re going to need to install the repository, there’s Mr. b+

Blammo, the source we just entered, and then you install the Blammo, once the Blammo repository is installed, you’ll see a message that’ll tell you that the repository is installed correctly, once the repository is installed, you can then go to install from repository, then you have the Blammo repo available.

Once you go into the Blammo repo, you can find video add-ons, and you can install placenta, once you’ve installed placenta, you’re then ready to go into the add-on, and watch anything you like, and that is how you get Netflix Amazon HBO Showtime and much more for free off the internet.

For login go to Google Chrome and you go to web link, it’s cool that I can be logged in. Let’s see if you already logged in here. you’ll login for you quickly. you not logged in so going to cut to when you logged in.

If click to watch any show, have Showtime much for Dexter. We can take a look at ray Donovan. don’t get that pop-up and my show starts to obviously can’t play any of that for you here on YouTube. That would be illegal.

This is hopefully helping out show time by showing their users how they can watch their content on their computer now. If you have Wi-Fi installed already, you need to update it. If you’re not getting that pop-up to update it, you would go ahead and delete it. You can go ahead and use spotlight search for Widevine. Delete it off your computer and reinstall it. You will be off and watching Showtime on your Mac OSX computer.