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Walmart Gift Card Activation Process & Guide

Walmart Gift Card Activation: If you have recently received a Gift Card from a Walmart store issued by Synchrony bank, then, you need to Activate Walmart Gift Card in order to enjoy the shopping. So, check out this post very carefully detailing Walmart Gift Card Activation Process Online or over a phone call.


By referring to this post, customers can find the best way to activate Walmart Gift Card through a suitable activation method. Well, the customers require to fulfill some essential and steps in order to verify the card successfully.

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Walmart Gift Card Activation @

Using a gift card rather than making cash payments has many advantages. So, it is always beneficial to make use of gift card instead of making online and cash payments. In fact, using a Walmart gift card will offer you numbers of benefits including the cashback offers, free credit points, free bonuses, free gift cards, etc.

So, If you have recently received a Gift Card from a Walmart store issued by Synchrony bank, then, you need to Activate Walmart Gift Card in order to enjoy the shopping. Then, check out the below easiest possible activation methods of Walmart Gift card.

How to Activate Walmart Gift Card Online? Quick Steps

If you have recently received a Gift Card from a Walmart store issued by Synchrony bank, then, you need to Activate Walmart Gift Card in order to enjoy the shopping.


So, do follow the simple process in order to Activate Walmart Gift Card successfully.

  • Visit the official activation site of Walmart.
    • Here is the link for you here.
  • Next, to this,
    • Enter the gift card details like Gift Card Number along with personal details to activate Walmart gift card
  • Now, follow all the instructions, read the terms & conditions, if necessary in order to access the gift card of Walmart at a time.
  • Try to access your card after a few minutes. If your card didn’t get activated, then, immediately contact any of Walmart locations
  • Do note that while activating Walmart Gift card online, you might face problems such as timeout issues, connection error, server problem etc. Then, users are advised to check below method of activating Walmart Gift card.

In case, if you are not able to activate Walmart Gift card Card online by following procedure due to any specific reason like a timeout issue, connection error, server problem, etc. Then, do not bother more about it.


I had mentioned another method of activating Walmart Gift card, by which, users can complete the activation or card verification procedure.

walmart gift card balance

To check the balance of your Walmart gift card, you have multiple options:

walmart gift card balance

  1. Online: Visit the Walmart website’s gift card balance check page. You can access it directly by entering the following URL in your web browser: On the page, enter the gift card number and PIN (if applicable) into the designated fields, and then click on the “Check Balance” button. The website will display the remaining balance on your Walmart gift card.
  2. Phone: Call Walmart’s gift card customer service number at 1-888-537-5503. Follow the automated prompts to enter your gift card number when requested. The system will provide you with the current balance of your gift card.
  3. In-store: Take your Walmart gift card to any Walmart store and ask a cashier to check the balance for you. They will be able to scan the gift card or manually check the balance for you.

When checking your gift card balance, ensure you have your gift card number and PIN (if applicable) ready. It’s always a good idea to keep your gift card in a safe place until you’ve used the full balance or it has expired.

Please note that the specific methods and availability for checking your Walmart gift card balance may vary. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s recommended to refer to the official Walmart website or contact their customer support.

Walmart Gift Card Activation Number 1-877-362-5952

So, if you are unable to complete the activation process through the official activation link, then, you can go to the Walmart Gift Card activation phone number procedure to activate cards by a telephone that you have linked to your account. This helps you with an easy and quick activation process for security purpose.

In order to activate the card, follow the steps to complete Walmart gift card activation process instantly.

  • Dial the Walmart Card Activation Number – 1-877-362-5952.
  • Now, Provide the gift credit card details with your personal identification details.
  • Next, to this, follow the instructions ordered by the instructor to activate your card.

This process is so simple and easy that your card will be activated in less than 2 minutes.

Final Tips to Activate Walmart Gift Card

Walmart gift card Activation is really so simple and easy quick process that anyone can complete the process within a couple of minutes. One can go for the Activate Walmart Gift card online process or Walmart Gift card activation phone number process in order to activate the gift card at a time.

Users are advised to check Walmart Gift Card activation confirmation, just after the completion of the task. In order to do so, please, Sign back to your card details at the online account. It will help you to learn that whether your card is activated or not…

It is also a good idea to check the terms and conditions of using the card. Check here Walmart gift cards terms and conditions

However, users are requested to share their problems and queries, suffered during the Walmart gift card Activation process | online or Phone number. So, that we can helps you.