Activate MBNA Credit Card [ Activate]

How to Activate MBNA Credit Card?

Are you looking for a simple and easy to follow procedure way to Activate MBNA Credit Card? Yes, then please take your time and read this article to finish your MBNA Credit Card Activation Task.

This post offers a step by step guideline to Activate MBNA Credit Card online and Activate MBNA Credit Card via Phone Number process.

MBNA Credit Card Activation allows customers to get access to numbers of benefits offered from the MBNA and save some extra bucks while purchasing.s

Are you ready to activate your brand new MBNA credit card? Yes, then please follow mentioned below steps accordingly to Activate MBNA Card.

Benefits of MBNA Credit Card Activation

MBNA is a division of The Toronto-Dominion Bank, providing financial services to customers throughout Canada. It offers a whole range of credit cards according to customers needs. It is also the largest issuer of MasterCard in Canada.

However, when you receive a new credit card from the bank, MBNA credit card activation is the primary thing that you need to perform. MBNA credit card activation allows its customers to enjoy all MBNA credit card benefits offered from the Bank.

So, if you had recently received new MBNA credit card from the bank then please finish your MBNA credit card activation task by referring to this post.

Activate MBNA Credit Card: Pre-requisites

You will require to have the followings to start your registration task:

  • New MBNA credit card with all details.
  • Your personal details and information.
  • ID proof and details.
  • A registered phone number, linked with the account.

Once, you fulfil all the above-mentioned requirements, you can move to finish your activation task of MBNA credit card. Check out more below.

MBNA Credit Card Activation Procedure

There is two activation method to finish your MBNA credit card verification task. These are

  • Activate MBNA credit card online
  • Activate MBNA credit card via phone call.

Let us check both of these procedures:

Activate Your MBNA Card Online: MBNA Credit Card Activation Online

  • Begin by accessing the official MBNA card activation site.
  • If you have registered, log in to your online account through your ID and password.
    • You can also create a new online account if you haven’t registered till now.
  • Now, select to Activate my card now.
  • On the next page, please provide with the Credit card number, Date of birth, Account number, Expiry Date, etc.
  • Then after, press a hit on Activate to finish your activation task.
  • Sooner, you will receive a notification about the successful completion of your MBNA credit card Activation Online process.

Activating Your Card Over the Phone: MBNA Credit Card Activation Phone Number

Calling MBNA credit card activation is the more preferred way to activate your Credit Card from MBNA. You just need to follow the following steps to activate the MBNA credit card with the help of Phone number.

  1. Dial the MBNA credit card Activation Number –
    1. The MBNA credit card Activation Number is 1-888-876-6262. 
  2. Once you get connected, select a suitable language for your conversion.
  3. Then, Provide the credit card info with your personal identification info.
  4. After that, comply with the commands ordered via the instruction to complete your MBNA credit card Activation via Phone Number.
  5. Congratulations!!!

MBNA Customer Service & Card Activation Assistance: 1-888-876-6262


  • Never share your username, ID, and password with anyone through a means of SMS or email.
  • Be sure to read your cardholder agreement carefully.
  • Never save your username and password on any merchants sites while shopping.
  • Don’t forget to sign the back of your card before using it.

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So, friends, this is all about MBNA Credit Card Activation. And, Here, I had explained all the easiest possible method with the simplest steps to activate MBNA Credit Card.

Hope that this much information is much enough to complete your MBNA Credit Card Activation Online and via Phone Number.

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