Activate Serve Card – How Do I Activate My Serve Card

Activate Serve Card: There is no need to be concerned regarding American Express Serve Card Activation.


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American Express Serve Card Activation


There are numerous other websites that provide boring and lengthy methods to be activated.

In this article, you will learn the quick and easy method to enable the Serve Card.

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Serve Card Activation

Serve Card is providing to their customers the finest cards and services.

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There are many advantages when you activate your Serve Card which you’ve never ever had.

If you are interested in gaining these benefits, you only must follow the instructions and after you use to Serve, your Card can be activated within a matter of minutes.

There are three kinds of methods for activating your Serve Card depending on the person who uses it which method they prefer to use. these methods are explained in more detail.

To give you the best information, the first method is activating Serve Card Online.

Another option is that you can enable Serve Card with the help of a customer care number.

Both techniques are described in full detail.

Customers can also activate their Serve Card at ATMs.

The easy methods are listed right after because this article contains all the information you need to answer every question.

Serve Card Activation via Online

  1. There is a straightforward method to activate the Serve Card as this process will give the best steps to follow and you must follow the steps, and it will be activated in just only a few minutes.
  2. If customers want to access the card online first thing the users must visit the website portal
  3. After you have completed your task when you are on the page, where you need to click “Log-In”.
  4. To sign in to your account, you need to click on “Card-Activation”.
  5. You must then Enter your Service Card number and the Card.
  6. After you’ve completed the procedures, you need to enter the card number, your CVV code, and the type of card you have, and then click “Continue”.
  7. Congratulations! you will receive an email confirming you’ve been notified that your Serve Card is now activated.

Serve Card Activation Through the Phone Number

  1. There is a different method to activate your Serve Card as in this method you need to follow the steps carefully and then activate it within a short period of duration.
  2. If you are looking to activate your Serve Card and activate the Serve Card, then you must dial toll-free the Serve Card customer care number 1-855-431-6035. ..
  3. When you get your phone call in progress, you need to speak regarding Serve Card Activation.
  4. After your work is completed, you will need to supply your personal information, including your full name, full address as well as your birth date, etc.
  5. After your job is completed, you must provide the details of your card, such as the card number, your CVV code, as well as the kind of card you have not.
  6. After you have completed the steps you will be confirmed you have been notified that the Serve Card was activated.

Serve Card for Activation at ATM

  1. If you want to activate your Serve Card at an ATM you must visit the nearest Serve Card ATM.
  2. When you have reached the Serve Card, you can insert the BPI credit card into the ATM.
  3. After you have completed your task, click on “Cards-Options” and then choose “Card-Activation”.
  4. Then, you need to complete the remaining mandatory information.
  5. If you are able to do so, you will receive an email you have been notified that the Serve Card is activated.

Final Tips

  • Be sure Serve Card activation is only available through the official portal. This means that you should not be attempting to activate your Serve Card at any of the merchant’s websites.
  • Don’t divulge your pin, PASSWORD, and your USERNAME with anyone.
  • If you are unable to activate the Serve Card the user should call the Serve Card customer care number that is listed above.
  • If anyone received any phone calls, do not share your PIN, PASSWORD, and your username on the phone.
  • Don’t trust anyone who is interested in knowing your password, username, hour pin,


We will show you the most effective method to enable Serve Card Activation.

We believe that the users will be successful in Serve Card Activation Process.

If you encounter difficulties or face problems with any aspect of the Serve Card Activation process then contact us by leaving a comment below. The activation of every card is easy for you to do. simply need to visit our website.