Walmart Money Card Activation At 2022

Have you recently purchased or received the Walmart MoneyCard as an offer? The Walmart MoneyCard is in essence a debit card that functions in the same way as credit cards in paying for purchases. It is the only distinction being that the amount you can spend is only a pre-paid amount. In addition to shopping, you can also use it for other reasons, for example, travel. If the balance on your card is low, you are able to reload it.


The best aspect of the card is it allows you to gift it to a child between 16 and 17 as a part of their allowance. If the card is lost then you can take your loss at Walmart to provide you with a new one. Then, you’ll be required to activate the newly issued Walmart MoneyCard.

Walmart Money Card Activation

To allow activation of Walmart Money Card users requires to go through this post.


There are numerous benefits when you use the Walmart Money Card like you enjoy a huge discount, fantastic purchase, and more.

If you’re a user who wants to take advantage of these offers, you must go through this article and once you submit your application, you’ll be able to activate your Walmart Money Card in a flash with us.

All you have to follow the steps as shown below.


There are numerous ways for activating your Walmart Money Card.

In this article, we will show you simple methods in order to enable Your Walmart Money Card.

The first option is that users to activate the Walmart Money Card online.


The second option is that users can sign up for Walmart Money Card by using Walmart Money Card customer care service. So don’t fret since we provide two methods that are simple and straightforward steps.

How to Register New Walmart MoneyCard?

By following the four simple steps, you will be able to sign up with your brand newly created Walmart MoneyCard in no time ( new card purchased in the store). It is crucial to first make an account online before proceeding with the steps below:

Step 1. Start by creating an Online account.

Step 2. Sign up for the new Walmart MoneyCard by clicking ” Register New Card“.

Step 3. Then, input the card’s number into the correct box.

Step 4. Look for the three-digit security code. It’s located on the reverse on the back of your card. Input it. This will trigger the automatic activation of your credit card.

Activate Walmart Money Card By Phone Number

  1. We will show you a straightforward procedure to activate your card. If you’re trying to make sure you activate your Walmart Money Card then and all you need to do is follow the steps below and you’ll be able to enable the Walmart Money Card in short.
  2. If they would like the ability to use your Walmart Money Card they just need to dial the customer service number. Walmart Money Card customer care number is 1-877-362-6052…
  3. When you’ve connected your phone call, you must ask your Walmart Money CardCustomer Care officer regarding Walmart Money Card Activation.
  4. You must give your card information, such as the card number, your CVV code, your reference number as well as your card’s type.
  5. After you’ve completed your full then you must give your first and last name along with your complete address as well as your date of birth.
  6. When you have completed your task, you will receive a confirmation that you have been notified that your Walmart Money Card was activated.

Benefits of a Walmart Money card

    • Earn cashback of 3% at
    • Pay your bills up to two days prior to the payday and the benefits you receive up to four days before the day of benefits.
    • Earn 2% annually (APY) of up to $1.000 of your savings
    • No monthly cost

Final word

We will show you the simple and easy steps to Walmart Card activation and we are confident that customers will certainly activate their Walmart Card. We hope you learn from our instructions. However, if you experience any issues that result, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Also, you can visit our activation site and hopefully Activate Walmart Money Card.