Emerald Card Activation – Guide to Activate H&R block Emerald Card

How to Activate H&R Block Emerald Card?

Here, in this post, I am going to share how to Activate Emerald Card to access your new Emerald Card. So, if you have recently received a new Emerald Card, then please make sure to check out the following post detailing about Emerald Card Activation.

From this post, you can also get genuine details about Emerald Card Activation Requirements and different ways to Activate Emerald Card like Emerald Card Activation Online, Emerald Card Activation Phone Number, and Emerald Card Activation Via App Procedure here in this post.

Check further for more details.

Emerald Card Activation Procedure to Activate Emerald Card

Emerald Card is a prepaid card issued by the H&R Block to its clients. Emerald Enables to access funds, receive deposits, manage their money, make a purchase, and do a lot of activities with more savings, convenience, and security.

The Emerald card is a real-time one all-purpose prepaid card that enables the users to simplify their banking for spending, receiving, and managing their money. Emerald Card also offers free bonus points, special discounts, free card points and various discount offer on each purchase.

However, you need to activate your new Emerald Card when you receive it from the H&R Block to get all of these benefits offered by the H&R Block.  So, if you had recently received a new Emerald Card, then please follow the following guideline to easily activate your new Emerald Card.

Emerald Card Activation Pre-requisites:

Make sure that you have the following things ready with you before starting your Emerald Card Activation Task:

  • Genuine H&R Block online account username and password
  • A phone number with the credit card.
  • Emerald Card Details like card number, CVV number, expiry date, and other info.

Once, you have all these things ready with you, you can activate your new Emerald Card by following methods:

  • Emerald Card Activation online
  • Emerald Card Activation Phone Number
  • Emerald Card Activation through Mobile App.

How to Activate Emerald Card Online?

  • Visit the official website of the bank (hrblock.com) from here.
  • Locate and select the HR Block Services section.
  • Now, you will face prompt steps to Activate Your Emerald Card.
  • You need to share your Emerald card details along with some personal details like card number, CVV number, expiry date, and other info.
  • In the last, submit your details.
  • Once, you will complete the above procedure, you will receive a notification notifying your successful Emerald Card Activation via online.

How to activate Emerald Card through Phone?

Calling Emerald card activation phone number is the more preferred way to activate your Card from Emerald. You just need to follow the following steps to activate the Emerald card with the help of Phone number.

  • Call Emerald card activation phone number at 1-866-353-1266.
  • On establishing the connection, request activation to the instructor.
  • Then, provide the instructor with Emerald card details along with some personal details like card number, CVV number, expiry date, and other info.
  • Sooner, you will be notified from the bank about your successful Emerald Card Activation via Phone number.

H&R Block Emerald Card Activation via Mobile App

  • Download the genuine MyBlock Mobile App from play store and install it on your device.
  • Open the app, where you can find several options for its usage.
  • Locate and select Manage Your Card option and then select Activate option there.
  • Afterword, comply with some prompt steps providing required details to finish your Emerald Card Activation Via MyBlock Mobile App.
  • Once, you will complete the above-mentioned procedure, your emerald card will be activated within a few seconds.
  • Enjoy shopping with the emerald card…

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Final Tips

So, this is what I had shared all about Emerald Card Activation processes Activate your Emerald Card with a simple step by step guideline.

If you had got a new Emerald Card from the Metabank then please finish your Emerald Card Activation task to get access to all of the benefits.

If you want more assistance on Emerald Card Activation to Activate Emerald Card,  then call 1-800-472-5625.

Enjoy your Emerald Card Benefits!!

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