Opal Card Activation Guide | How to Activate Opal Card

This topic will show you how to Activate Opal Card. Do not be afraid to ask for help online if you need it. This page will provide you with complete information on how to activate your Opal card.


Serving makes your life easier Activation of the Opal Card Many benefits are available, including easy payment and purchase options, secure payments, cashback offer, and more.

Let’s find out more.Activation of Opal Cards.


Opal Card Activation Guide | How to Activate Opal Card

Opal Card is offered to customers by the Opal, an organisation that provides transportation services in Australia. It offers almost any type of transport services in Australia to customers.

Opal card activation Cardholders can travel from their home to school with ease and flexibility thanks to the Opal public transport card. Customers can travel by train, bus, and ferries with an Opal card. Opal cards allow you to choose an alternative transportation option, which can help improve your lifestyle.

You can only activate your Opal Card if you have just received your Opal Public Transport Card. Activating your Opal card is the first step. It takes very little time to activate your Opal card.


Follow these steps to activate your Opal Card via the Online Activation Method.

How to Activate Opal Card Online at www.opal.com.au?

Activating your Opal card is the first thing to do after receiving your Opal card. Simply follow the given steps to Activate Opal Card instantly:

  • Visit its official Opal card Activation Site from here  Activate Opal Card.
  • Enter Opal Card Number from the back side of the Opal card and then click on the “Continue” button.
  • Next, enter the PIN number you have generated earlier.
  • Once, you follow all the prompt steps then you will receive a notification about successful Opal Card activation Online.
  • Congrats, You can enjoy transactions with the Opal Card within a few minutes.

If you find difficulties with the Opal card activation Online method, then you can also activate your Opal card over a phone call.

Opal Card Activation Through Phone Number Method

Opal Card Activation Number is 1800 447 792 (Within Australia) and +61 2 9211 9341 (Calling from outside Australia).

  1. Dial the Opal Card Activation number.
  2. Once you get connected, select a suitable language for your conversion and ask for card activation.
  3. Now, Comply with the commands ordered via the instruction to complete your Opal Card Activation via Phone Number. 
  4. Share your Opal Card details and PIN Number
  5. Once you’ve shared all the information, your Opal card will be activated. You can access this card within couples of minutes.
  6. Congrats, You can enjoy transactions with the Opal Card, lol!

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Final Verdict

Opal Card Activation or Activate Opal Card allows their users to get various Opal Card benefits in transportation service. Opal Card Activation easiness and flexibility in travelling from home to school. Using an Opal public transport Card, customers can travel by bus, train, ferries etc.

To get more knowledge on the various type of card activation kindly visit our site at Activationmycard.com.

If you want more assistance on Opal Card Activation, please call theOpal Card Activate Customer Support Number at 1800 447 792 (Within Australia) and +61 2 9211 9341 (Calling from outside Australia).

Thank You!!