RBC Debit Card Activation | How to Activate Royal Bank Debit Card?

RBC Debit Card Activation – Process & Guide to Complete

Are you searching for how to complete RBC Debit Card Activation process? then, dear users, you are at the correct point of information. This post is explaining all the easiest possible ways to Activate Royal Bank Debit Card. So, if you have recently received an RBC Debit Card and want to activate it, then, please, refer this post.

I assured you that RBC Debit Card Activation Process will not take more than 10 minutes of valuable time. Whether you select :

  • RBC Debit Card Activation Online
  • RBC Debit Card Activation Phone Number 

So, Check out the post to learn the quickest ways to Activate RBC Debit Card. 

RBC Debit Card Activation | How to Activate Royal Bank Debit Card?


Activate RBC Debit Card From Here

Using a Debit card rather than making cash payments offers lots of benefits. Using a Debit card offers secured and easy payments on purchasing with exclusive reward point, cashback offers, free bonus points, etc.

So, if you have recently received an RBC Debit Card and want to activate it, then, please keep the card, card number with your personal identification details in order to activate it at a time. Please, check out the following two easiest ways to Activate RBC Debit Card.

Ways to RBC Debit Card Activation

There are two Possible Ways to Activate RBC Debit Card. Users can

  1. Activate RBC Debit Card Online.
  2. Activate RBC Debit Card Via Phone Call.

Let us check the requirements to Activate RBC Debit Card.

How to Activate RBC Debit Card Online | Final Steps to Process

It is the easiest mode to access your RBC Debit Card easily. Just, users need to provide some details at the official RBC card activation link in order to complete RBC Debit Card activation process online. 

Users need to provide the card, card number with your personal identification details in order to activate it. So, keep all these details in hand before moving to the activation procedure.

Then after, follow the procedure to complete the RBC Debit Card activation online process instantly.

  • Visit the RBC Royal Bank Debit Card activation link from here.
  • Now, enter your RBC Royal Bank Debit Card number very carefully. And, then, press the option“BEGIN YOUR ACTIVATION”
  • Next, to this, provide your personal details for the safety and security, and then, follow all the instructions, appears on the screen.
  • WELL DONE!!! Your activation task is completed now.
  • Before leaving the official activation link, please, Check the Conclusion section at last for more.

In case, if you are not able to activate your RBC Debit Card online by following procedure due to any specific reason like a timeout issue, connection error, server problem, etc. Then, do not bother more about it.

I had mentioned another method of activating RBC Debit Card, by which, users can complete the activation or card verification procedure.

How to Activate RBC Debit Card by Phone Number

So, if you are unable to complete the activation process through the official activation link, then, you can go to the RBC Debit Card activation phone number procedure to activate cards by a telephone that you have linked to your RBC bank account. This helps you with an easy and quick activation process for security purpose.


This method of RBC Debit Card activation phone number is so simple that your card will get activated in less than 2 minutes.

  1. Dial RBC Debit Card Activation Number 1(877) 900-5900 or 1 (888) 769-2597..
  2. Next, Listen to all the terms and conditions very carefully. And do follow few simple instructions ordered by the instructor over a phone call.
  3. Next, to this, provide the card details, card number, and your personal identification details very carefully.
  4. Listen to the terms and conditions and follow the ordered instruction very carefully.
  5. Once, your personal details and debit card details will get verified by the Bank staff, your RBC Debit Card will be Activate successfully.

Final Tips to RBC Debit Card Activation

RBC Debit Card Activation is really so simple and easy quick process that anyone can complete the process within a couple of minutes. One can go for the Activate RBC Debit Card online process or RBC Debit Card activation phone number process in order to activate the card at a time. Users are advised to check RBC Debit Card activation confirmation, just after the completion of the task. In order to do so, please, Sign back to your card details at the online account. It is suggested to keeps the card details secret.

However, users are requested to share their problems faced during the RBC Debit Card Activation process | online or Phone number with us by commenting in the comment box. So, that we can helps you.

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