How to Activate a Virgin Money Credit Card: Step-by-Step Guide

Virgin Credit Card Activation Guide

The process of My Virgin Money Credit Card Activation is a very simple and easy method. Virgin Credit Card Activation benefits you in several ways which include extra credit points, cash back, and free gifts. The most apparent benefit of Virgin Money Credit activate card is that you can easily purchase or make payments without having cash in your pocket.


If you have freshly received your My Virgin Money Credit card either in hand or in the mail then you will require to proceed with the Virgin Money Credit Activation before using it. We are also Providing Information  About How to Activate Virgin Credit Card.

My Virgin Money Credit Card Activate benefits

Activating Your My Virgin Money Card or Registering your Virgin Money Card offers plenty of advantages to the cardholders. Followings are the advantages and benefits of the Virgin Money Credit Card offered to the cardholders.

  • View your transactions, balance, and statements online
  • Make a payment
  • Transfer a balance
  • See your PIN securely
  • Set up and manage a Direct Debit
  • Add another cardholder etc

However, you need to Activate Virgin Credit Card Online

to get all these benefits of My Virgin Money Card. So, let us check what steps to Virgin Money Credit Card Activation here.

Activate Virgin Credit Card Online @

Activating your My Virgin Money Card is the primary thing to do after receiving your My Virgin Money Card. It does not only guarantees fast transactions but secures your card and transactions.


Virgin Money Credit Activation Requirements

However, you need to have the following required things in handy with you before heading to the official activation of My Virgin Money Card.

  • An online account with Virgin.
  • Your newly received My Virgin Money Card.
  • Some personal information to share

My Virgin Money Credit Activation Online Step by Step Guideline

Follow the steps below to activate your Virgin Money Card.

Step- 1. Visit the official My Virgin Money Credit Card Activation website at


Step- 2. Locate and select  “SIGN IN / REGISTER CREDIT CARDS”.


Step- 3. Enter the Customer ID and log into your Virgin Money online account. Then, locate activate a new card option available there.

Step- 4. Enter the following card and personal details correctly

Last 6 digits of your registered mobile number

An alternate or current home phone number

Step- 5. Now, You will be asked “if you liked to activate your card now? Yes/No.” Select Yes and enter the My Virgin Money Credit Card details as instructed.

Step- 6. Double check all the details and submit your request to activate the card.


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I hope you have understood the above method to Activate My Virgin Money Credit Card. It is (Virgin Money Credit Card Activation) very simple and easy method. If you like the articles or have any doubt then comments us in the comment box below.

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