Canadian Tire Card Activation

activate Canadian Tire Card: If you’ve been accepted for a Canadian Tire Card, then Canadian Tire Card Activationhelps you gain 24 hours access to your card and make use of it wherever you go. In actual fact, Canadian Tire Card Activation is the most important task you’ll need to complete following the acquisition of the card.


So, If you have been recently received a card from Canadian Tire, then you can Activate Canadian Tire Card online at You can also opt to dial the Canadian Tire Card Activation Phone number: 1-800-459-6415to Activate Canadian Tire Card.

Let’s find the most efficient methods to activate your Canadian Tire Card and enjoy the Canadian Tire Card benefits to make some extra money at Canadian Tire.


About Canadian Tire Card Activation

Canadian Tire is an automobile company that is with its headquarters in Canada. It is loved by its customers for its automobile catalogs of parts throughout the world. There are currently over 500 locations that are part of Canadian Tire nationwide. The company provides services across a variety of areas like Canadian Tire Petroleum, Automotive parts, Part source, FGL Garment’s part of the company, Mark’s Work Wearhouse, and accessories. The company also provides gift cards and credit cards services to its customers who are regular customers, allowing them to benefit from extra advantages.

Canadian Tire Card Activation

However, if Canadian customers get a brand newly issued card, they will need to go through the formal Canadian Tire Card Activation procedure to gain access to the card. If you’ve acquired a brand new card from a Canadian Tire company, you must activate your Canadian Tire Card using this guide as well as to take advantage of extra benefits provided by the business.


Requirements to Activate Canadian Tire Card:

To activate your Canadian Tire Card, you need to establish an account online on the official website of the company to complete the Canadian Tire Card Activation online procedure. In addition, you need an active phone number in order to be able to activate Canadian Tire Card over a phone number.

Furthermore, in addition, you must possess your ID and proof of residency to complete the formal activation process for your Canadian Tire Card.

We will look at how to activate your newly issued Canadian Tire Card.


How do you activate Your Canadian Tire Card?

There are two options to activate your brand card. The first is to activate your Canadian Tire Card. You can

  • Activate Canadian Tire Card online at
  • Activate Canadian Tire Card via Phone Call

Let’s look at the two methods in an instruction step-by-step.

Canadian Tire Card Activation Online at

    1. Go to the official website by clicking here. begin your process to activate your Canadian Tire Card.
    2. On the welcome screen, choose on the welcome page, select the ” Enroll Now” option on the welcome page. There is also an option to sign in even if you registered before.
    3. You must now enter the Canadian tire card number as well as a three-digit Security Code number.
    4. Please verify your details and click”Continue”. “Continue” button.
    5. Check your identity now by answering a few simple questions.
    6. You must then make Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) in case you didn’t have it previously.
    7. In the final step, you must enter your personal information like Name, address Date of birth and email address, etc.
    8. Then, you can submit the information to complete the Canadian Tire Card Activation Online Process.
    9. Congratulation!!!! Congratulations! Canadian Tire Credit Card will be activated in the near future.

    Canadian Tire Card Activation Using Phone

    • Call your Canadian Tire card activation to your registered number.
      • Canadian Tire Card Activation for North American is – 1-800-459-6415
      • Canadian Tire Card activation for any other region that is not North American is – (905) 735-735-7256)
    • When the phone connection is established, supply the instructor with your credit card information, including the name of the cardholder’s credit card number, 3-digit security code, etc.
    • Then, after that, inform the instructor of your personal information, including complete names, addresses, and date of birth to confirm your birth.
    • Then, sit for some time. The instructor will give you a unique PIN (Personal identification number). Note down the unique PIN securely and keep it with you when doing transactions using your Canadian Tire Credit Card.
    • Congratulation!!!! Congratulations! Canadian Tire card will now be active. Begin shopping using the card.


    In conclusion, you guys I’ve provided both Canadian Tire Card Activation Processes in detail. If you’ve received a brand new card from Canadian Tire, then please choose a method of activation that is suitable for your Canadian Tire Card and follow the easy steps given here. Activate your brand’s newly issued Canadian Tire Card.

    To get more information on Canadian Tire Card Activation to activate the Canadian Tire Card, please take advantage of this official website.

    • Canadian Tire Customer Service Number: 1-800-459-6415 or 905-735-7256 (within North America).
    • Canadian tire MasterCard contact 1-800-459-6415.
    • If you are in another country, make a call to collect, Lost or stolen credit card? Contact us 24 hours every day by dialing 1-888-459-6415.
    • Credit Protector(r) Claims: 1 800 480 1853.

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Enjoy your Canadian Tire Card Benefits!!