Luma Card Activation | How to Activate Luma Card

Luma Card Activation Guide to Activate Luma Card

Add value to your Luma card by activating it. Luma card activation enables your card for any transaction. You not only enjoy fast payment options but get rewards for paying with your Luma Card. Take advantage of the reward offers like discounts, cash back offers, credit points etc. Simply follow the steps below to activate your Luma card to enjoy Luma Card Benefits.

Luma card activation allows the cardholder to receive various attractive offers such as a discount, gifts, cash back, bonus etc. Using a Luma Card gives satisfaction to its users. Luma card also improves users lifestyle by allowing an alternate option.

Luma Card Activation | How to Activate Luma Card 

Luma is a Wi-Fi solutions company based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded by serial entrepreneur Dr Paul Judge and Mike Van Bruinisse in 2014. The company is known for selling Wi-Fi routers using mesh networking and for providing consistent Wi-Fi signal throughout private homes. It also provides added security level along with providing consistent Wi-Fi signal. Luma also offers various card services for its customers including gift card, credit card, etc to improves users lifestyle by allowing an alternate option.

If you just got your Luma card, activating it is the only way to access the perks of your Luma card. It is the first thing to do after receiving your Luma card. Activation of your Luma card does not take much time. Follow the steps below to activate your Luma card through the Online activation method.

Luma Card Activation Via Online

Activating your Luma card is the first thing to do after receiving your card. Simply follow the given steps to Activate Luma Card instantly:


  • Visit its official Luma card Activation Site from here.

  • Now, create an online account with the Luma to start your activation task. To create an account, you need to provide details like your date of birth, your Social Security number, an email id, a password, and an account number.
  • Then after, Log In to their account.
  • Follow to some prompts steps to activate your Luma Card by providing required details. You need to provide your credit card number, your name, and the security code, etc
  • Then after, press a hit on continue to finish your activation task.
  • Once, you follow all the prompt steps then you will receive a notification about successful Luma Card activation Online.
  • Congrats, You can enjoy transactions with the Luma Card within a few minutes.

Immidiately contact with the local branch location, if your Luma card does not get activated via following above procedure.

Luma Card Activation Via The Phone

In order to Activate Luma Card Over Phone, You need to call at Luma Card Activation Number and then follow the given below steps accordingly to Activate Luma Card instantly:

  • Call Luma Card Activation Number –
    • The Luma Card Activation Number is 0333 000 0477 (for UK) or +44 333 0000 433(from outside the UK). 
  • Once, you get connected with the instructor, listen carefully to the instructor.
  • Follow the instructions given by the system.
  • After that, comply with the commands ordered via the instruction to complete your Luma Card Activation via Phone Number. 
  • You need to share credit card number, account number, and the security code to complete your Luma Card Activation over the phone call.
  • Once you’ve shared all the information, your card will be activated. You can access this card within couples of minutes.

Immidiate contact with the Luma customer care at  0333 000 0477 for any inquiry about Luma Card Activation. 

Luma Card Activation Customer Support and tips

  •  0333 000 0477 (Use this number for all your inquiries on Luma Card activation.)
  • Don’t forget to sign the back of your card before using it.
  • Never share your password, pin, username on unknown phone calls.
  • Make sure you never share your password, pin, username to anyone.
  • Never share your password, pin, username through SMS, Email etc.

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I am sure that you have completed the Luma Card Activation process to Activate Luma Card with ease. If you still stuck at any issue then call 0333 000 0477.

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